Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CRUZ: The Real Story of what's happening in Washington

Can't let this one slip by without acknowledgment, and neither did Levin this evening...
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: President Obama has built nothing since becoming president. Instead he’s used everything that was built before him to tear down America by institution lasting, destructive policies illegally. He’s getting away with it because we have the worst leadership ever in both parties, and only a handful of Senators that fight for what Americans believe in. Sen. Ted Cruz is leading the fight and he’s despised for not marching to the beat of the GOP establishment drum. Republicans have voted over and over again to fund Obama’s corrupt agenda. Anyone opposed to funding his agenda is considered a radical or an extremist, things that are never said about people like Obama or Bernie Sanders or Nancy Pelosi. If the Republican party has become the no nothing do nothing party, and if they won’t stand and fight for the Republic, what good are they?
This is the reason why Sen. Cruz stands virtually alone in the Senate and to a large degree in the presidential campaign...because the Washington Cartel doesn't want the truth getting out!
TedCruz: While speaking on the Senate floor yesterday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) implored Republican leadership to defend the right to life – an issue for which many Republican leaders have strongly advocated – and fight for conservative principles. Sen. Cruz’s speech followed Senate GOP leadership’s blocking of his attempt to get a vote on his amendment to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and the Iranian nuclear deal.
"I will give President Obama and the Senate Democrats credit. They believe in principles of big government. They believe in this relentless assault on our constitutional rights, and they are willing to crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to fight for those principles. Unfortunately, leadership on my side of the aisle does not demonstrate the same commitment to principles. Now, how is it, you might wonder, that a preemptive surrender is put in place? Well, it all begins with the relatively innocuous statement ‘there shall be no shutdowns.’ ...you have got one side that has preemptively surrendered. Republican leadership has said: ‘We will never, ever, ever shut down the government.’ And suddenly, President Obama understands the easy key to winning every battle. He simply has to utter the word ‘shutdown,’ and Republican leadership runs to the hills.

You want to understand the volcanic frustration with Washington? It's that Republican leadership in both houses will not fight for a single priority that we promised the voters we'd fight for when we were campaigning less than a year ago."

Breitbart: Ted Cruz Blasts GOP Leaders for Funding Planned Parenthood
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is excoriating the Republican leadership in the House and Senate for failing to “lift a finger to defend life” by eliminating taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Cruz’s speech on the Senate floor comes as the lawmakers voted, 77-19, to advance a bill to authorize government spending that includes funding for Planned Parenthood…Cruz said it is likely that Planned Parenthood has committed multiple crimes that are punishable with imprisonment, yet asked why the Obama Department of Justice and FBI have failed to open investigations into the abortion organization. Similarly, he observed that not one Democrat has asked to have Planned Parenthood investigated.

Town Hall: ‘Preemptive Surrender’: Cruz Criticizes Colleagues for Passing Spending Bill that Funds Planned Parenthood
Cruz, one of several conservatives determined not to see one more taxpayer dollar go to Planned Parenthood in the wake of several disturbing videos, criticized his party after the vote for about an hour, accusing them of failing to show any passion for the causes for which they are supposed to fight. While President Obama and the Democrats have no problem "walking through glass" to defend Big Government programs, Cruz said the GOP has failed to live up to its tenets.

Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz: Barack Obama Is the Terminator
"So what does he say?" Cruz said of Obama. "If you don't fund this one private organization that's not part of the government, that's under multiple criminal investigations, I, Barack Obama, will veto funding for the entire federal government and shut it down." "And what does Republican leadership say?" he asked. "Well, it will surprise no one. Republican leadership says, we surrender." He said the result is that Republicans end up funding anything the Democrats want, including Planned Parenthood. The House and Senate are about to pass a "clean" spending bill, but Cruz said that bill is anything but clean.

The Daily Signal: How Senate GOP Leadership Stymied Ted Cruz on Defunding Planned Parenthood
As the Senate voted Monday on a continuing resolution with taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, Cruz attempted to offer an amendment ending all federal funding for America’s largest abortion provider. The amendment also cut off money to implement the Iran nuclear deal. But in a departure from Senate custom, a quartet of Republican leaders blocked the Texas senator from even getting a vote on his amendment. Only one senator, Mike Lee of Utah, stood with Cruz on the Senate floor.

The Right Scoop: Sen. Cruz: The Real Story of What Is Happening in Washington
Ted Cruz couldn’t get anyone in the Senate to back him tonight as he tried to get a ban on Planned Parenthood funding and a linkage of the Iran Nuclear deal in a government funding bill…Cruz’s amendment would place a one-year ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood. It would also ban the Obama administration from using funds from the short-term bill to implement the Iran nuclear deal or any “assessed contributions” to the United Nations until lawmakers receive the “side deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Conservative Review: McConnell, Not Dems, Block Cruz Vote
Tonight Senator Ted Cruz attempted to offer an amendment to the must pass spending bill that would have halted the implementation of Obama’s Iran Deal and public funding to abortionists like Planned Parenthood…Cruz however wanted to make one last effort to put members of the Senate on the record, but GOP Senators were so scared of voting to strike funding for these Obama priorities that they opted to block Cruz from even receiving a vote.
Take note of how at the end of his speech the One Party D.C. elite shutdown the People's voice on the Senate floor, because they themselves don't care to face the truth.

You want to know the reason why McConnell won't suspend the filibuster rule for Republicans to actually win votes in the Senate? Because that would hold Republicans accountable in following through with constituents' wishes in stopping the Obama agenda, and this failure of a leader won't risk it! Instead, they fund every bit of it in the name of averting a government shutdown, while surrendering everything. Ludicrous!

It couldn't be more clear with headlines like these that the One Party GOP/Democrat alliance with media sycophants in tow HATE Ted Cruz...
Fellow Senators Have Had It With Ted Cruz and His Government Shutdown
On the eve of a shutdown, Cruz annoys his GOP allies
Ted Cruz, shunned by colleagues, trashes Congress in hour-long Senate speech
Cruz sternly rebuked by GOP
Even supposed anti-establishment conservatives like Rand Paul have chosen sides with McConnell, cowardly declaring Cruz 'done' in the Senate. Newsflash for the Kentucky junior senator: That's TEXAS' call, not yours! 

Despite all their efforts, those paying attention are taking note, and LOVE Sen. Cruz for fighting for them.

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