Thursday, September 24, 2015

Levin educates the Pope on 'America'

There’s so much that the Pope could have said to us that he didn’t say. He talked down to us through his socialist agenda. We have politicians and leaders who talk about the socialist agenda all the time but never talk about the heart and soul of America. We have a president and a Pope that speak down to us on so many issues, from immigration to poverty to global warming. They don’t appreciate the American people, our history, and what we’ve done for the rest of the world. American soldiers don’t go into war to fight for the leftist agenda; they fight for liberty. Just because we don’t accept the left’s agenda of national suicide doesn’t make us intolerant people. We’re tired of America and the American people being put down, either by world leaders, religious leaders, or our own president. ~ ML, 9/24/15
The Pontiff should really think about making his rounds by the bunker! Because it's quite apparent that his knowledge of America's greatness is incomplete, and no better a human being to educate him than the Great One...
TRS: Mark Levin opened his show tonight saying that after listening to the Pope today, he doesn’t think the Pope likes America (as a country) anymore than Obama does. Levin argues that we are a great people and there’s so much than the Pope could have said to us that he didn’t say. Instead he talked down to us through his socialist agenda.

Levin sets the record straight in a powerful way:
"We have a President and a Pope who speak down to us about so many things, whether it's immigration, whether it's poverty. Frankly, they do not appreciate the America people. They do not appreciate American history, the American heritage, what the people of this nation have done for themselves and for the rest of the world.

It's easy for a man like Barack Obama who's contributed ZERO to American liberty to go off on his ideological agenda and force his will on the American people because of the failure of the opposition party and the courts to stop him. It's easy for a Pope to come here from Italy, from the Vatican, and quite frankly lecture us in many respects and talk down to us in many respects about immigration; we, the most tolerant, giving people on the face of the earth, who send our own men and women all over the world to fight wars for liberty."
Mark gave the Pope an exquisite history lesson, introducing him to the greatest among the American Founders' orators, Patrick Henry, and 'one of the greatest speeches in American history' given on March 23, 1775...

That persuasive speech was the clarion call for American independence, in which our Forefathers fought a Revolutionary War for the sake of liberty and representative government, 'showing the way to the rest of the world.'
"I listened to what the Pope had to say today, and I respect enormously the Catholic Church and Catholicism. But I've concluded that the Pope, despite the best efforts among people on tv and radio to spin and spin and spin and cherry pick, the Pope doesn't much like us anymore than Obama does. I'm not talking about as human beings, but as a country. There's so many things he could have said in gratitude to the American people."
Recall World War II, Mussolini, followed by the Nazi occupation of Italy? We, Americans, defeated Mussolini, then pushed the Nazis out of Italy at the cost of tens of thousands of brave American soldiers (405,000 American lives lost in WWII liberating Europe). WWI, we lost 116,000 to help save free nations; Vietnam, 58,000; Korea, 54,000. Not to mention, our greatest number of casualties, 750,000 dead, fighting a Civil War to maintain our fledgling Union and to put an end to slavery in our nation. 'And we fight today the wars that the rest of the world won't fight.'
"We are a magnificent people. We should be proud of ourselves. Just because we don't embrace the left's agenda of national suicide, the left's agenda which rejects liberty, the left's agenda which rejects national sovereignty, doesn't mean we're an intolerant or bad people. Quite the opposite.

So I would ask the President or the Pope, hundreds of thousands dead to correct the issue, the stain of slavery, tell me, how many countries do that? How many countries look inward and suffer those kinds of casualties to correct a grievous wrong? Very few.

People who come to this country and condemn us, directly or indirectly, do not understand us. This President not only doesn't understand us, he has contempt for us."
I would hope and pray that this Pope doesn't share that as well with this President.

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