Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Zacharias: Universities becoming more hostile toward Christians

All the latest news about Beck has focused on Monday's disclosure of his mysterious neurological illness (followed by the predictable lib banter), and prayers go out to him and his family concerning that struggle. But what was missed by the mediaites (not surprising), was a profound message that came later in the broadcast from quite possibly the 'C.S. Lewis of our time,' Ravi Zacharias.  Among the discussion of his latest book, the renowned apologist shared some alarming news with Beck about the state of tolerance in America... 
TruthRevolt: Christian apologist and world-renowned speaker Ravi Zacharias told Glenn Beck that university campuses are becoming alarmingly hostile toward Christians.

Zacharias is known for giving lectures at universities all over the world, defending Christianity and closing with good-spirited Q & A sessions with students. But for the first time, at one recent visit to an Ivy League campus, Zacharias said he had to have a security detail for his protection.

On Beck's radio program, the host asked which area is more hostile to conduct a lecture -- the Middle East or college campuses. Zacharias explained:
“If you had asked me that question, maybe even last year, I would have probably said, ‘Clearly the tension is greater in those parts of the world, because one wrong word and you don’t know whether you’d be boxed and sent back or what.' But you know, our university campuses are getting pretty hostile, too. I was at an Ivy League school earlier this year and had to walk in with security. Unbelievable that this was actually happening in the United States at a time where, quote, 'tolerance is the buzz word.'
Zacharias went on to share that each location has its own nuances and tension, with the Middle East displaying a more "violent streak," while for the West, "ridicule and mocking is more the norm." But to his surprise, the tensions in America are rising.

Zacharius said his visits to campuses are not a chance for him to change anyone's mind: "Because I can't and don't wish to," he says. But in his messages, he always includes the message that only God can change one's mind.
Amen. And it's more evident by the day that all the socio-political tensions boiling over, election cycle after election cycle, with demographic politics pitting one group of Americans against another, parallel this anti-this-or-that trend of liberal tolerance, which turns out to be no tolerance at all.

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