Friday, November 14, 2014

Power of the purse? Levin exposes Boehner, McConnell handing over Congress to Obama

"There is no other way to control spending, when you have a radical as president, than the power of the purse" ~ Mark Levin
Didn't we just sweep these guys in to stop Obama's reckless policies? Apparently, they aren't getting the message. Anybody still wondering why we need an Article V convention of the states?!
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: By refusing to protect the power of the purse, one of the few Congressional powers left besides impeachment, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are essentially handing over the Congress to President Obama. Obama has done more than any other President to destroy the power of Congress, and the Republican leadership is going along with it.

By not giving an Obamacare repeal bill to the President, and having him shut down the government, the Republicans are useless. The President doesn't have the authority to do what he wants to do - be it with Obamacare, or with his upcoming Executive amnesty that he will be pushing. Didn't our politicians swear to uphold the Constitution, and why aren't they?

2016 is going to be a harder election battle for Republicans, which is why it's important to have a coherent strategy for how they are going to fight the Democrats. What does the Republican Party even stand for if they won't stand for us?
Excellent questions. Swearing an oath for power alone doesn't cut it. Those that lead the party stand for nothing if they can't defend the citizenry or the country that returned them to power.

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ADDENDUM I: A reminder to Republicans who cower at the thought of a government shutdown: 1.) Ted Cruz actually got it right, and 2.) the government has shut down many times before without a default or collapse...

Beginning date
(at midnight)
Length in Days
Ending date
Thursday, Sept 30
Monday, Oct 11
Friday, Sept 30
Thursday, Oct 13
Monday, Oct 31
Wednesday, Nov 9
Wednesday, Nov 30
Friday, Dec 9
Saturday, Sept 30
Wednesday, Oct 18
Sunday, Sept 30
Friday, Oct 12
Friday, Nov 20
Monday, Nov 23
Thursday, Sept 30
Saturday, Oct 2
Friday, Dec 17
Tuesday, Dec 21
Thursday, Nov 10
Monday, Nov 14
Sunday, Sept 30
Wednesday, Oct 3
Wednesday, Oct 3
Friday, Oct 5
Thursday, Oct 16
Saturday, Oct 18
Friday, Dec 18
Sunday, Dec 20
Friday, Oct 5
Tuesday, Oct 9
Monday, Nov 13
Sunday, Nov 19
Friday, Dec 15
Saturday, Jan 6, 1996

Add last year's 15 days to the list, and we're still standing.

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ADDENDUM II: Mark continued to push the point on Friday...
On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Mark goes thru past government shutdowns, how many of them came under Democrat Presidents and Democrat Senates, why they came about and what the solution for them was. Mark does this to show that when Mitch McConnell or Cory Gardner says that if we shut the government down the economy will default, they are deliberately lying to us. We are facing a President who has eviscerated the Constitution, taking away more power from Congress than any other past President, and yet the Congress isn't doing anything about it. They are willing to surrender the power of the purse, essentially allowing the Executive to have free reign over the country. Mark asks what will McConnell or others do to stop the President's increasing tyranny? Mark also reads from Article 1 to show just what powers the Congress has and reminds them that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution.
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Furthermore, Levin exposed how the GOP has no real intention of repealing Obamacare after telling us they would... well as later exposing the Big Money behind Big Amnesty that the GOP leadership apparently refuses to fight (I'm guessing their Chamber of Commerce financiers have a little something to do with that).

Is any of this what you voted for? Then make them hear it louder!

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