Monday, November 3, 2014

Reid's replacements? McConnell, Cornyn flop towards the midterm finish line

As critically important as it is that the Democrats MUST GO this November, it's nonetheless disheartening that such an unfortunate excuse for GOP leadership is still better than Harry Reid!

Just look at the flip-flop-flips of Mitch McConnell on Obamacare alone...

Mitch McConnell On Health Care Law Repeal: Supreme Court Tax Ruling Paves Way For 51 Votes (VIDEO)
...but then the inevitable flip-flop...
Sen. Mitch McConnell Seals the Fate of Obamacare
...and back again, before Tuesday no doubt...
Mitch McConnell willing to kill Obamacare with just 51 votes

Consistent conservative principle, anyone? That's all we're asking for, Mitch. Republicans shouldn't be incapable of it.
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Why is it that if we do take over the Senate, that Sen Mitch McConnell should automatically be grandfathered in as Senate Majority Leader? He hasn't done anything, he has lied about what he would do with Obamacare, he refuses to stand up to the President on nearly every issue, and he hates conservatives.
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Evidently, Mitch didn't get the memo that Obamacare's implementation and effects are in full swing, and Americans aren't fond of it at all...just in time for the midterms. Time to find a spine and get rid of it, Republicans!

Then you've got guys like John Cornyn, set to be McConnell's right hand man if/when Republicans take back the Senate, who are already creeping back towards the RINO way before we even reach Tuesday...
Breitbart: Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), who is in line to be Senate Majority Whip if Republicans regain control of Congress next week, declared his support for the DREAM Act.

During a KUVN Univision 23 debate with his Democrat opponent David Alameel last Friday, Cornyn said that he was a "strong supporter of immigration reform." Cornyn also said that illegal immigrant DREAMers who "are guilty of nothing other than coming with their family" should be allowed to "serve in the military" and "earn an American citizenship."
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This is why I just can't vote for guys like this anymore. Such notions would be a huge mistake, not to mention suicide for the GOP...
Breitbart: A new study that asks whether non-citizens can tip elections for Democrats gives more credence to an Eagle Forum report that concluded that massive amnesty legislation would be "suicide" for the conservative movement and the GOP. ...

As Eagle Forum President Phyllis Schlafly noted, although "a Harris poll found that 81% of native-born Americans believe schools should teach patriotism," 50% of recent immigrants do not want their children to be "taught to be proud of America." Schlafly said that means new immigrants will be offended when conservatives emphasize patriotism and assimilation.

The Eagle Forum report concluded that, though "Republican outreach to Asian and Latino voters" is "critical," Republicans "can never turn liberal-leaning immigrants and their adult children into supporters of limited government faster than the current high level of legal immigration (one million a year) is bringing in new liberal voters." The report found that new immigrants "and their adult children are significantly more liberal than the average American voter on a host of policy issues, including the size of government, Obamacare, affirmative action, gun control, greater environmental regulation, and other issues championed by the Left."

"Thus, if future immigration is not reduced, it will be virtually impossible for Republicans to remain nationally competitive as a conservative party," the report concluded.
Which is probably why many in the GOP leadership, like the top two above, find it easier to acquiesce to the Left, than to stand on principle, virtue and lawful rule. What's with constantly taking the easy way out?!

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In any regard, replacing Reid's cabal with the leadership of McConnell and Cornyn will undoubtedly slow our descent...but it won't stop it (or reverse it). While I still don't have the stomach to drag these phonies' carcasses across the finish line anymore, they're nevertheless likely to pull through victories just because everyone's SICK of Obama and his sycophants mucking up our country. And if it's any consolation, perhaps we've got some chance of making Republicans feel the heat, as opposed to the current & constant Democratic disregard from Dingy Harry and his Senate miscreants. Hey, gotta find some bright side in Republican voters not doing the right thing to replace these bad Red apples in the pruning season (i.e., PRIMARIES!).

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ADDENDUM: See, McConnell's already showing his true colors...
ABCNews: Sen. Mitch McConnell told ABC News today that Republicans would not make investigating the Obama administration a priority if the GOP wins control of the Senate.

"Obviously, we intend to be a responsible governing Republican majority, if the American people give us the chance to do that," McConnell said in a brief interview as he flew around Kentucky on the eve of the midterm elections.

McConnell was dismissive of calls from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and other Republicans to open Congressional hearings next year into the executive actions of the Obama administration.
And not to upset further, but to prepare with eyes wide open, McConnell and the GOP leadership are already hatching a plan to hand the purse-strings over to Obama...
CR: As we wait with baited breath for tomorrow night’s results, we must remember that the battle for control of the agenda in Washington is not over. In fact, it is only beginning. Even if Republicans win control of the Senate, conservatives will still be in the minority in both chambers. There will be an ineluctable clash between the competing visions within the Republican Party, and the sooner it happens the better.

Indeed, conservatives must gear up for a new campaign beginning the morning of November 5 – a campaign to hold members of Congress accountable to their election-year promises. They all campaigned against Obamacare, amnesty, and out-of-control regulations. But will they do what it takes to actually stop Obama once they control the congressional agenda?

Even as the predictions of a GOP wave sweep through the media, Republicans are already prepared to hand over the purse strings to Obama until next October.

In what is likely to suck all the oxygen out of an impending electoral victory, Republicans are planning to let Senate Democrats draft an omnibus budget bill for the Lame Duck, granting Obama all the funds he needs to implement his repudiated policies for another 9 months.
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Party it up tomorrow night, but be prepared to sober up and begin the hard work immediately. Liberal Republicans behind an ideological Democratic radical in the White House aren't gonna make it much easier to control the wilds of government.

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