Monday, November 3, 2014

Welch to GOP: Run a real conservative in 2016!

Jack Welch attempted to enlighten the Republican Party, looking beyond the midterm election results, whatever they may be, and into 2016, saying that the party must run a conservative!
CNBC: Republicans need to run a presidential candidate in 2016 like a Ted Cruz or a Rand Paul, not a Jeb Bush or a Chris Christie, management guru Jack Welch told CNBC on Monday.

Bush and Christie are "too middle of the road" to win the country, the conservative-leaning Welch said in a "Squawk Box" interview—a day before the 2014 midterm election in which Republicans hope to take control of the Senate. ...

Last week, Cruz, a tea party favorite from Texas, told CNBC the only way the GOP can win the White House in 2016 is to run a strong, conservative candidate. Otherwise, he said, presumptive Democrat Hillary Clinton will win...

Welch agreed with Cruz, saying that playing to the middle has been a losing strategy as evidenced by the losing campaigns of Sen. John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney.
"Go to the country, this wonderful country, and present your ideas with an optimistic view of a guy like Cruz or Paul, somebody over there who's clear in their views, not somebody who's trying to appease Democrats."

Not Bush, not Christie, and definitely not another run with Romney. The RINO leadership can hold up however many minute trophies they can muster, but we can't afford squeakers when it comes to the presidency (not that we can really afford any elsewhere either). They'd do well to remember what it took to garner a landslide victory, not once but twice, just a few decades ago. That was an appeal to the Country and its People, not to the elite or insiders, and certainly not to Democrats and the Praetorian media.

Remember, folks, Freedom is only one generation away from extinction. I'd say that generational gap has gotten far too close for comfort.

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