Friday, November 21, 2014

Gingrich blasts Obama’s amnesty speech as a dishonest 'Gruber speech’

"[T]he Constitution doesn’t say, “the President should obey the law until he gets frustrated.” Now, the President’s argument is, "Gee, I was patient for a long time.” Well, who is he to be patient? The Constitution is a larger system in which he's one piece."
Regards of what you think about Newt, he's SPOT ON!
NewsBusters: Following President Barack Obama’s speech announcing his executive order on illegal immigration, CNN political commentator and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich unloaded on the President, likening his speech to statements made by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber and that those in the “elite” class “really underestimate” the disdain Americans have for unfortified borders.

Responding on CNN in the minutes after it ended, Gingrich opined that it was wrong for the President to go against the incoming Congress as it had “repudiated his policies in the election” a few weeks ago. Gingrich then slammed what viewers just heard as “a Gruber speech” where the President was “simply not telling the country the truth.”

After predicting that it will cause a massive increase in bureaucracy at the Department of Homeland Security, he concluded his first thoughts on the speech by saying that Obama’s decision to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” on his own “is absolutely dishonest and this is a very dishonest speech.”

Following being asked by host Anderson Cooper if he thinks Obama’s executive action will increase illegal immigration, Gingrich pointed out that it would because Obama’s remarks on immigration are heard worldwide and will likely lead to some packing up and coming to the United States for “the next amnesty.”
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