Thursday, November 20, 2014

Racebaiter Gutierrez tells Obama 'time to pay up' in Univision rant

'Cause we owe them or something...

Huh, he's never wound this tight even on the likes of MSLSD...wonder why? Oh, right, native tongue and all. Well, guess he didn't realize Americans are still smart enough to have his comments translated into ENGLISH!
NewsBusters: Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was in full “advocate-in-chief” mode during his Al Punto talk show this week.

In advance of President Obama’s executive order suspending the application of standing federal statutes to millions of unauthorized immigrants in the United States, Ramos invited two top supporters of Obama’s plans to his program, with dissenting voices nowhere to be found.

First up was Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), who made several eye-popping statements that must be seen in order to be believed.

Gutiérrez asserted the President has “absolute power” to act on immigration, made wild racist accusations against the motives of the historic House and Senate Republican majorities recently elected by the American people and openly affirmed that Obama’s actions are raw repayment of political debt.

Here’s what Gutiérrez had to say regarding what he characterized as the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ demand to collect on presidential political debt:
"The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has spoken with the President on more than one occasion. We have stressed that it be ample and that it be generous. Let me tell you what we said to him. We said, ‘Look, Mr. President. If there is a debt towards our community, a debt that you have been late in repaying, then it must be repaid with interest. We aren’t just expecting that which was owed, but (also) more due to the delays."
Obama should watch out for the proverbial knife in the other hand!

Again, just to point out the differences in tone...when he's talking to Americans on ABC's This Week:
"We just came from an election cycle in which not only that they say the border wasn't secure, but that Isis was coming through and Ebola was coming through. They mixed all of this together and then they say that we're poisoning the well. All I am saying is this, there are 4 million American citizen children; you just heard the Speaker say that this is a fight that he's going to have with the President. He's wrong."
And when he's speaking to his people on Univision's Al Punto:
"...they were the ones that waged a destructive campaign to win the House and the Senate by saying 'those Mexicans come across the border, it isn’t secure. They’re taking our jobs, they bring crime and now they bring Ebola and they bring terrorists'. All lies. We are going to answer their lies with justice from this President."
Unhinged much? And this guy is supposedly a U.S. Representative, folks!
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." ~ Abraham Lincoln

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