Friday, November 7, 2014

Levin, Marr expose McConnell, Roberts on campaign lies about Obamacare repeal

Conservatism is occurring all throughout state and local levels. Tuesday's election just confirmed that. Unfortunately, the same can't be said on the national stage. Exhibit A: Mitch McConnell, a man who's about to become the Senate Majority Leader is utterly delusional as to the outrage Obamacare insights.

On Wednesday, Mark Levin busted Mitch McConnell and others for lying about repealing Obamacare...
"I told you when this law was passed, this Obamacare law, when Obama signed it and the Supreme Court certified it, I told you it was here for good, that the Republicans would not repeal it. And this is what we mean by the ratchet effect. The Left gets its way, the Republicans nibble on the edges, and our lives are changed forever, our lifestyles are changed forever, because they're in a hundredd year war against liberty and capitalism and constitutionalism, and our guys buckle! They fold like cheap tents, immediately!"

On Thursday, Levin’s fill-in host, Tom Marr, busted Exhibit B: Pat Roberts. Just one day after his reelection, the Senator changed his tune on Obamacare.
No longer is his main focus the repeal of Obamacare, he now says he wants to fix it to get rid of gridlock. These Senators all ran on repeal and we need to hold them to their word.
Milton Wolf, Roberts' narrowly defeated primary challenger, reminded Kansans as well...
I'm glad we've removed Harry Reid from the Senate leadership position. But if we're expecting the Republicans to change course, starting with Obamacare repeal, then we must have new, bold leadership. Not McConnell, not Roberts.

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