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Levin's remarks on Obama's executive amnesty speech

Sometimes, you just need Mark to help cut through all the BS...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: We take President Obama's amnesty speech live where he says he will use an Executive Order to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants here for 5 years or more. If this was such a great idea, why didn't he bring it to Congress and go thru the Constitutional process? Instead, Obama ignored the American citizen that is going to be the one suffering here and having to subsidize these illegal immigrants. What's worse is that our Republican Congress refuses to stand up to the President, they refuse to realize that the American people want change from Obama which is why we voted them into power in the Senate, and they won't do anything about it. It is now evident that voting isn't enough anymore, because the politicians disregard us if they don't agree with it. The Democrat Party has now become the Far Left Totalitarian Party and pushed out any moderates that they may have had. Mark says that Obama sounded like a despot in his speech despite how he was trying to portray himself.
Eventually disgusted with Obama's ridiculous speech, Levin had enough, shut him off, and proceeded with the following 3rd hour brilliance...
"You know, I listen to this, and I think to myself, 'Has he said one positive thing about the American citizen, who breaks his or her back to subsidize illegal immigrants who are hiding in the emergency rooms, hiding in the public schools, who are hiding in daylight?'

The fact of the matter is more American citizens pick that fruit and pick those vegetables than illegal aliens. That's a fact. The fact of the matter is the American people are paying confiscatory taxes for people who are here illegally and subsidizing them. It is a net huge loss to our economy. The fact of the matter is we have an enormous number of American citizen and legal immigrant kids who've graduated from colleges and universities with advanced degrees who can't find jobs because of this man.

And now they're gonna have to compete with imported, foreign, high-skilled labor. We have many minorities in this country--blacks in particular, latinos in the country, home-grown--who can't get first jobs, who can't get full-time jobs. They're low-skilled or unskilled. Now, they're gonna be competing for these jobs.

Who does this man think he's fooling?

He goes on, and he paints this picture, 'we're a nation of immigrants for 200 years.' We're a nation of laws for 200 years! We're a constitutional republic.

If he felt this strongly, you'd have to ask yourself why in his first two years when he controlled everything, why didn't he do a damn thing? He did nothing.

He sees this as a political expedient.

He gave that speech, he went back to his advisors, they're smiling, patting him on the back, 'Good job, El Presidente, good job.'

Remember this guy Gruber... Remember what he said about how they sold Obamacare. The stupid American people, the stupid voter. The American people, who don't understand economics. The American people, we'll tax them indirectly, so they don't know what we're doing. The American people, who think they're gonna get to keep their healthcare, when they won't. This is the same president who brought in Gruber, pretends he doesn't know him. He brought him in as the chief architect of Obamacare! Now he just gave this speech, and he still thinks you're stupid. He still rejects the voters.

If he believes he had this overwhelming case to make, that he claims he made tonight, he should've made it to Congress. Congress isn't required to do Obama's bidding anymore than he's required to do their bidding.

So, they can paint the picture of the great would-be citizen, who comes in this country illegally, while he ignores the American citizen all together.

No talk about criminals who come across the border. No talk about diseases, tuberculosis and so forth. No talk about the impact on local school districts and emergency rooms and hospitals and law enforcement. No talk about it at all! He paints a fantasy picture.

We are not against immigration. I don't know anybody who's against immigration.

We are against lawlessness, whether practiced by foreigners, or the man in the White House."


"Another ruse. I'm not kidding about this. Another complete ruse. He didn't tell you all the facts, did he?

This is unlawful executive amnesty. He lied about prior Republican and Democrat presidents. This is how you know what he's doing is conniving. He didn't tell you they're gonna be eligible for certain government benefits, did he? He didn't tell you there'd be work permits for up to 5 million illegal aliens, competing with low-skilled and unskilled Americans, did he? He didn't tell you he's creating a back door way to citizenship and chain migration for illegal immigrants, did he? He didn't tell you he's going to massively expand some of the most controversial foreign worker programs for IT corporations, did he? No, no, he positioned that as 'we have to stop exporting these jobs for people who go to school here, our colleges and universities, and then go back to other countries. Is that a huge problem?

What about American citizens? Did he say a thing about what we American citizens contribute to the economy of the country? You know there are like 300 million of us?

I love it when they say, 'we're a nation of immigrants.' Yes, but we're also a nation of CITIZENS who come from immigrants! And the vast majority of our immigrant ancestors didn't come to this country the way these immigrants came to the country. The front door, not the back door. I don't care where are ancestors are from.

So the fact of the matter is he doesn't talk about the Constitution once, he doesn't talk about all the subsidies and resources that the American citizen provides for people who come here illegally. It's a one-way street apparently. 'They pick your apples, they pick your grapes, so, eh, that's great, there ya go!' But American citizens do that too!

American citizens do hard jobs! American citizens work in the coal mines that this man is closing! American citizens work in the steel mills that this man is closing! American citizens work on the commercial boats; they bring us our fish that he's shutting down! American citizens work at public utilities that he's shutting down, that create energy! And I could go on and on.

Not a word about the American citizen! NOTHING! Not a word about taxes to subsidize any of this. Nothing. And of course, not a word about voting, eventually."
Mark went on to make the point that our Immigration Laws are not anywhere near as horrible as Obama would have you believe. There's an endless string of visas that allow immigrants here. The simple fact is that the governmental ruling class will not ENFORCE THEM! That is what doesn't work!

But back to the way WE are viewed by this president and his ilk...
"Isn't it amazing, WE THE PEOPLE, the Citizens, we're called all kinds of things. Racist! Extremists! Stupid! They don't give a sh*t, that's what they call us. That's how they abuse us and manipulate us. And here, everybody coming into this country illegally, everybody overstaying whatever visa they have and so forth, they're virtuous, they're noble, they're hard-working, they want to come out of the shadows. What is it? Everybody from Mexico, Honduras, everybody from east Europe and Africa, everybody from the Middle East, is virtuous and noble, and WE THE PEOPLE, who created this society they seek to come into, we're CRAP?!

Obama says he wants to have a discussion. He doesn't want to have any discussion! Look at what he just did! It's a FIAT!"


"And I resent the fact that a President of the United States, and he's not the only one, McCain does it, Romney does it, they all do it, talk about the greatness of the illegal alien. Not the greatness of the American citizen, but the greatness of the illegal alien. That is what we constantly talk about. It's really unbelievable.

Citizens here? 'Well, you didn't become successful on your own.' 'You don't pay enough taxes.' 'You don't have skin in the game.' 'What do you want?' Right? 'You don't know how to eat; Michelle will tell your kids what to eat.' 'You don't know what to drive; you're a bunch of schmucks.' Right, Gruber? The American People are stupid; the voters are stupid; don't be transparent; that's how we got away with this! Just like Obama here. He doesn't want to be transparent, because you'll be furious."
Whose leader is Barack Obama, again? It's hard to tell!

This speech was nothing more than lies atop damn lies, and an overarching pathology with multiple paths to backdoor amnesty for millions of illegals, who have no inclination to assimilate into American culture, but will assuredly be intertwined within the welfare state of this president's redistributive makings. Lawlessness, any way you see it.

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