Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gruber echoes Obama with single payer admission (GruberGate ADDENDUM)

We've all heard Obama's multitude of admissions prior to his election that any plan he came up with would inevitably transition to single payer...

In July of this year, Gruber's video leaked out admitting that obvious con...

Yet, we have a mainstream media that only seems to care about conservative reactions to both Gruber's latest flood of controversial caught-on-camera moments and Obama's I-know-nothing response, instead of the substance of the revelation that both LIED to dupe the American public and that everything we feared about this healthcare takeover is coming to fruition. The adage that journalism is dead acquires another rung...but what these media morons don't get is our fear that the country might not be too far behind.

Between this obamanation and his likely executive amnesty of millions of illegals, this singular president will have fundamentally transformed America into a welfare nation that our Founders never envisioned for this exceptional place in the world.

We're gonna allow one man and one party to do this, America?

Better yet, Congress? (Yeah, I'm talking to you, McConnell and Boehner)

ADDENDUM: Here's GruberGate in two minutes...this will tell you all you need to know about Obamacare's (and thus, Obama's) deception...

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