Friday, March 9, 2012

Space Traders: the radical mind of Derrick Bell

Here's one to ponder over the weekend, folks. Breitbart has been hard at work this week showing Obama's philosophical ties to radical racialist Derrick Bell. And of course, the media typically says, "What's the big deal?" Which was the exact response that Breitbart and Co. knew they'd get out of a media that cared little about vetting Obama in the first place.

But with our minds now curious about this Bell character and exactly how radical he was, as well as how much of an influence he had on Obama -- which certainly made enough of a significant impact on the younger Barack that once he began teaching constitutional law (I know, right!) at the University of Chicago Law School, he required his own students to read some of Derrick Bell's most radical and racially inflammatory writings -- another little movie has surfaced.

TheRightScoop: This is the movie created based on the short story by Derrick Bell. If you watch the first 9 minutes of it, I think you’ll hear all you need to hear about this story that reflects the views of Bell.

And it’s as nutso as you’ve heard. It casts the white Republicans as people who are so ready to get rid of the black race that they decide with almost no reservation to trade these inferior people to these Aliens in return for unlimited energy.

Now, if you wish to pretend, like many in the MSM, that this doesn't matter any more than Wright or Ayers, I'd beg to differ...this only reinforces the case made against Obama's radicalism. And where, thus far, there's been no proof of Obama sitting in the pews while Wright was spouting off (which I still find impossible to believe), there's irrefutable evidence presented here that Obama embraced both Bell and his extremist beliefs, enough to teach them!

And yet, this is now icing on the cake, when the info discussed in the previous few posts are the disastrous outcomes of Obama's presidency.  Whereas, if properly vetted, this material should have prevented him from even obtaining the office that we now find him occupying from where he's created governmental impediments to liberty that we find ourselves facing, as individuals, investors and business owners, from ObamaCare and on, into 2012.

ADDENDUM: Wow. Andrew Breitbart would be proud, Zo! Alfonzo Rachel perfectly unveils the lies of the Left, using Bell's racialist propaganda film to expose their tactics against the black community and Republicans. This is a MUST SEE.

Hell yeah, Zo!

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