Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'd rather defend principles, not flip-flops (UPDATE)

Buidling off that very belated opposition research finding on Romney's 2009 op-ed, as theRightScoop so properly iterates, "See how easy this is? Even Think Progress can see this! I don’t want to defend a candidate like this. I’d rather defend a candidate’s principles, not their flip-flops." I'm right there with ya, RightScoop.

Throughout this primary, Romney has dug away with attack after attack against whoever his top Republican primary competitor of the month has been...but he might not like it so much when those same tactics are applied to him ten-fold. as the Obama campaign inevitably will. In fact,Rush pointed out this morning that Mark Halperin said he wonders if the 2009 info on Romney may have actually been leaked by the Obama campaign. Here's an excerpt from this morning's program:

HALPERIN: -- the Republicans should be terrified of? My hunch is that this stuff is coming not belatedly from the Republicans, but from Chicago, from the Obama campaign, which is sitting on more opposition research than you can imagine about Mitt Romney. So they're teasing this out now I think to try to weaken him. But if and when he becomes the nominee, they'll just be sitting in Chicago every day saying, "Let's do this one now and this one next week." So much stuff they're sitting on.

RUSH: Oh, oh, oh, oh, wait. What was that? Did Mark Halperin -- who would know -- did he just say, my hunch is that this stuff is not coming from the Republicans aimed at Romney, but rather from Chicago, the Obama campaign? They're sitting on more opposition research than you can imagine about Romney. That's what Halperin says. When Romney gets the nomination, they're gonna unleash. There is no way Romney will be able to survive it. That's what they are saying now.

Now, of course, you have to remain cognitive of the fact that these kind of handwringing ideas are coming from MSLSD minds. Nonetheless, if Halperin and others are onto something here, which appears probable, it's troubling news for a Romney nomination. But haven't some of us been screaming this from the roof tops for quite a while now?! Yet the Republican Establishment lining up behind Romney (you know, the supposed small government 'Mr. Economy' candidate) continues to shrug towards defeat with their only viably-deemed candidate, who happens to be the least principled, but biggest flip-flopper, in the race.

UPDATE: Sorry, the original video was deleted from YouTube...but I've replaced it with an equally effective one.

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