Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Williams/DeMint approach over McConnell's copout

As more continues to pour in on the copout of the McConnell contingency plan, I’m reminded of a far better plan that I recall from Walter Williams, appearing on Monday’s Mark Levin Show, in which he discussed the approach that Republicans should take in this debt limit battle:

As Levin reiterated on Tuesday’s show, “The House of Representatives should vote on its own budget, pass it, send it to the Senate. And in that budget, all the debt service should be paid for, for the coming month, Social Security and Medicare should be covered, the military should be covered, and Obama’s favorite Marxist programs and all the paper shufflers and all the rest should be lopped off of this budget, or appropriation bill, I should say, and sent to the Senate. And the Republicans wave it around and say ‘we did our job’, ‘we protected this program’, ‘we protected these people’ and ‘we’re waiting for Harry Reid and the President of the United States’. And whatever happens is the result of their conduct. We don’t need tricks, we don’t need spin.”

And as CNSNews disclosed, despite what Obama propagandizes, the coffers are full enough to cover Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans, federal salaries and interest without the need to borrow a dime!

Levin also had a scheduled interview with Sen. Jim DeMint concerning his new book, and the timing could not have been more perfect, as they primarily discussed the debt limit talks.

Commenting on Obama’s Social Security threat, and followed by Levin’s exclamation that “he knows damn well they can be paid,” DeMint emphatically stated, “You’re exactly right, he’s not telling the truth, he thinks we’re stupid. It’s time for us to call his bluff. He has been gaming Republicans on these negotiations, and we need to stare him down. We need to come away from this changing the course of the federal government that’s spending the country into oblivion,” reiterating the need to cut and cap spending levels and pass a balanced budget amendment in exchange for any debt ceiling increase. DeMint also agreed with the approach that Levin and Williams had discussed on the prior show.

DeMint also weighed in on McConnell’s plan saying, “I can guarantee you that plan is going nowhere.”

Reinforcing his previous disclosure in the full interview, “What you’re gonna see is Cut, Cap, Balance emerge from the House this week…It’s not enough to fold our hands and say we didn’t vote for it. That is in effect giving Obama victory. We need to pass something that permanently changes this.”

So in short, the Williams/DeMint approach is simply the conservative approach. It’s time to melt the phones, emails and faxes to all members of the Republican Leadership this week!

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