Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unraveling Obama's social security lie...and taking action

As soon as the words left his mouth, the lie began to unravel. As a Washington Examiner piece called it out late Tuesday, “Washington gets $200 billion a month, Social Security costs $50 billion a month, and Obama is threatening to starve Grandma?”:

If Washington receives about $200 billion in monthly revenues and sends out roughly $50 billion worth of Social Security checks and the same amount of Medicare payments, why is Obama claiming the checks may not go out? Isn't $200 billion minus $100 billion still $100 billion?

Because Obama is playing the demagogue, that's why. Pure and simple. He is trying to scare seniors into making panicked calls to their congressmen begging them to do whatever Obama and the Democrats want in order to keep the checks coming.

This is demagoguery of the worst sort because Obama has to know that what he is saying is false. When you and I say something we know to be false, it's called a "lie."

Wednesday morning, Rep. Tim Huelskamp dug deeper and got to the bottom of this lie that's being directed by Obama through the Treasury Department ('Tax Cheat' Timmy Geithner)…

As Hot Air made the point, “Don’t you just love how calm and cheerful he is, as he hammers away at the truth? Even Stephen Goss, the chief actuary of the Social Security Administration, couldn’t help but smile as Huelskamp asked for his help getting to the bottom of why Social Security checks might not go out Aug. 3, when the nation clearly has enough money — even under a debt limit budget — to cover the interest on its debt, Social Security and more (Huelskamp even had the chart to prove it!).”

Congress members Steve King, Michele Bachmann and Louie Gohmert teamed up on Wednesday to introduce legislation that would prioritize federal spending in the case that the debt ceiling is not raised by the imposed Aug. 2nd deadline, attempting to avoid the 2011 Continuing Resolution debacle in which Obama and the Dems held military pay hostage. As The Daily Caller describes, “The Payment Reliability for our Obligations to Military and Investors to Secure Essential Stability (PROMISES) Act prioritizes payment of military salaries and the interest on the public debt should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling and the country faces a funding gap.”

Additionally, in a Steve King interview on The Mark Levin Show, Levin pushed the congressman to consider the Walter Williams approach that would cover military and veteran pay, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid pay, do away with unnecessary exorbitant spending, like all those pet projects, and send it on to the Senate, putting the ball in Reid and Obama’s court…

And prior to that, Levin interviewed Sen. Mike Lee, who professed that there is only one real plan being presented in both houses of Congress with substantial public support, and that is the Cut, Cap and Balance Act, for which Sen. Lee is the sponsor, along with 29 co-sponsors (a companion bill will be filed in the House on Thursday). Mark also asked Sen. Lee if that option doesn’t work, then why not pursue the Williams/Levin approach, to which he replied that Sen. Pat Toomey has sponsored such legislation in the affect that the debt limit won’t be raised...

Lee also addressed the lie of the Social Security ‘Trust Fund’, “I believe this president is going to live to regret the day that he uttered those words, threatening social security beneficiaries with the possibility that they would receive their checks if the debt limit isn’t raised, because it exposes this fraud that is the so-called Social Security Trust Fund. Congress has raided that fund over and over and over again, over the course of decades, to the tune of more than $2.5 trillion. There is no money there. It has been spent, it’s been spent on other government programs, and it’s something that been turned into a sort of shell game by Congress over the years, and this exposes that. If that hadn’t happened, then that money, the surplus revenue from payroll taxes would have been kept in an account over the years and would have been there to be used in circumstances like this; but instead, it’s been raided. And what’s in the Social Security Trust Fund is basically an IOU written within the federal government to the federal government. There’s nothing there.”

Republican Leadership, LISTEN TO YOUR CONSERVATIVE MEMBERS, not your political adversaries on the opposite side of the aisle or in the media!  And let 'Angry O' walk out of the should do the same, with no hesitation or consideration of appeasing this despot.  The talking is over, it's time to decisively ACT!  Your members, as well as supporters, have the strategies in place, as documented FOLLOW THEIR LEAD, and in doing so, show us the leadership that we put in office last November!

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