Friday, July 29, 2011

The Washington Circus rolls on (UPDATES)

I'd suggest Ringling Bros. over the Washington least it's an entertaining circus!

Two great sources for what happened tonight can be found at Hot Air and Michelle Malkin.  And you can count on there to be more to come, all the way up to the 11th hour.

But if you take nothing else away from this sideshow, just remember the line that came out of Harry Reid's mouth today.  It pretty much says it all: "The only compromise there is, is mine."  You think Reid might have bribed the professor in Negotiations 101?  Naaa...couldn't have.

Erick Erickson made an interesting observation that I'll leave you with:

As I wrap up what turned out to be 7 hours of radio and 3 of television, let me leave you with an interesting observation from a very wise conservative sage:
John Boehner’s flailing performance may actually have a silver lining to conservatives’ advantage. When his plan and the end game blow up in the House Republicans’ face as it surely will, a lot of the new conservatives who decided to get on the team, get their asses in line, and side with the Speaker will be permanently against him and for conservatism.
Let’s not forget that one young congressmen stood up for the team and loyalty and voted for No Child Left Behind to help his President. Then when he realized he’d been betrayed and NCLB stank as bad as conservatives had said it would, Jim DeMint left his old ways and became the champion of the right.
Boehner should have remembered his history. Or at least Barry Jackson should have. It’s part of his legacy.
Barry Jackson, for those who don’t know, is John Boehner’s Chief of Staff and was a key player in getting No Child Left Behind passed.

UPDATE 1: Touché!  From Boehner's 3.0 to Reid's 0.5...both down in flames.  Here's the Hot Air assessment of Saturday's sideshow.  And into the evening, it appears as though the three amigos (or stooges) have returned to the White House to hatch Plan 'X' (put whatever letter you want on it at this point).

UPDATE 2: Guess Harry's still in the picture, so let's change my above description to the four horsemen!  Shortly after 10pm EST, he announced that his amended bill will seek a vote tomorrow, noonish.  Man, it's almost impossible to keep up with this pace!  Certainly makes one wonder why the dragging @$$ throughout the rest of the year?!  Guess we'll see how things go tomorrow...

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