Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Levin: "August 2nd is the new July 4th"

“Here we are. We’re told that if we cut $2 trillion this year, or a trillion-and-a-half this year, that all hell’s gonna break loose. Already folks, look at how tiny the playing field is on which we’re playing. Look at it: over $61 trillion in unfunded liabilities, trillions more in unfunded liabilities for government workers. 40% of the GDP they take, and it’s not enough. The Federal Reserve prints and prints and prints money. That will come back to haunt us one day. And so at the White House, the most irresponsible and profligate president in American history, and frankly the most irresponsible and profligate human being in world history, is talking about ‘balance’, ‘we need some balance’, and what’s his answer? Tax increases.

Now, tax increases, when you’re talking about the amount of money, the amount of debt and deficit that I just discussed, will make zero impact on the juggernaut that is our government. And yet in the private sector, which is much, much smaller than the accumulated debt of the federal government, it makes all the difference in the world. But he demands, his party demands, their zealot supporters demand, tax increases. And then they use Marxist propaganda, class warfare propaganda, to try and convince us to support our own suicide as a nation.”

“The question isn’t whether we get some great deal before August 2nd and save this society. This society cannot be saved on the terms that Obama and his party are demanding. It will be destroyed. That is why the Republicans must not bend. That’s why we conservatives must be almost Spartan-like in our demands and our resistance. The question now is will the very weak frontlines of the Republican Party hold up? August 2nd is the new July 4th. Don’t fear it, don’t panic, we’ll deal with it. We’re Americans, that’s what we do.”

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