Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This is NOT democracy

As we continue to hear news stream in concerning Egypt, many worrisome reports have come to light contrary to the mainstream media accounts of this actually being a legitimate democratic struggle. Quite frankly, I find it more than a bit na├»ve to continue believing this is a just revolution, nor a desire for a peaceful democracy. From those protesting in the streets…
…to official statements made by Mubarak’s key opposition…
“Muslim Brotherhood: ‘Prepare Egyptians for war with Israel'” by Yaakov Lappin
…this is anything but ‘peaceful’ or ‘democratic’. Only despots manipulate these words and use them in such manner.

When delving into the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, particularly their early partnership with Nazism, one can assess the despotic nature of these radically shifting powers throughout this region of the world.
“Why We Should Fear the Moslem Brother” by Karin McQuillan
The Muslim Brotherhood is “the oldest and largest radical Islamic group, the grandfather of Hezbollah, Hamas, and al-Qaeda.” Peaceful? Democratic? Hardly.

Meanwhile, it’s as if Washington and our media, from the Left and the Right, have chosen to emotionally respond to the images of protesters in the street shouting for ‘democracy’, when so much evidence is contrary to that ultimate outcome.
“Clueless in Washington” by Caroline Glick

The Obama administration appears incapable of dealing with such a catastrophic matter in both words and action. Apparently, we can now support a mob in Egypt, but couldn't support the protesters for democracy in Iran?  It's inconsistent logic.  

Along with a few others, one potential presidential contender may have hit the nail on the head when he called this administration, as well as the former, ‘clueless’ on the handling of the Egyptian crisis, as well as the ‘hassle’ of national security!
“Santorum: Obama administration ‘clueless’ on Egypt, national security is ‘hassle’” by James Pindell
I’d tend to agree with his reasoning on these points. But back to Egypt…

It is difficult to perceive an Egyptian people shaking off Islamization and anti-Semitism taught in the shadow of Hitler for over half a century, with continued promotion through the Muslim Brotherhood. It is ingrained in their society; it has become a part of their cultural identity. No, this is not a revolution towards democracy, but the radicalization of an entire nation…that up until just a few weeks ago, we called its extremely imperfect president ‘our ally’. And despite the public hostility towards Jews, Mubarak has maintained a formal peace agreement between Egypt and Israel since the Carter administration. Do you really think the Muslim Brotherhood would afford Israel that same consolation? And are we to believe that a Muslim Brotherhood controlled Egypt would continue to call America its ally? You know the answers.

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