Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptian transition (UPDATE)

Sometimes it’s just easier to let the dust of the day settle and let cooler heads prevail, like those who know the region and understand its politics, as opposed to our opportunistic president and hysterical media…
“News Flash: Mubarak’s not resigning and they were all wrong!” by Barry Rubin
“I've never seen anything like this Egypt crisis to demonstrate how ignorant the Western experts are about the Middle East.” You’ve got that right, Mr. Rubin!

As an aside, should Egypt be a lesson for the tea party that the administration and media would approve of? Violently rally for weeks on end until your demands are met?! Just saying. Our administration and media alike have the gall to embrace the Islamized Muslim Brotherhood over a peaceful American movement. Unreal...particularly when you’ve got people downplaying this situation and making idiotic statements like THIS!
Jaw Dropper: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper Says Muslim Brotherhood “Largely Secular”…
Clap on?  Clap OFF...the Clapper!

 Rush was spot on today when describing Obama’s co-opting of Egyptian youth for his own campaign during a speech addressing the situation earlier today. Obama appears to be out in front of the mob, making it about him, as to say: This whole Egyptian fiasco is just a bunch of young people who want their ‘Obama’!
Shameless Obama: Egyptians Just Want Their Own Version of Me
Obama was so sure of himself, thinking Mubarak was going to step down, and that he had something to do with it all. Then later, as it became more uncertain what Mubarak was actually going to do, Obama took a ‘wait and see’ approach…
President Obama on Egypt: 'We're Going To Have To Wait and See What's Going On'
...with the evening culminating in more transition of power to the V.P. and Mubarak overseeing the reform.

Our administration and too many in the media have really shown how full of it they are in trying to compare this situation to our view of ‘democracy’, making statements that it’s like ‘the American Revolution’. Not even close! As Levin more accurately describes, this transition is perhaps closer to the Bolsheviks in Russia or the French Revolution or some semblance of a civil war…not an American experiment, that’s for certain.  It's also certain that our relationship with Egypt is now tarnished.  I guess the only question that remains is: Will our administration and media continue to rattle the cage or consider a more subdued role during this transition?  If we know them like we think we do, this could get uglier.

UPDATE:  Mubarak has transferred power to a council of generals who will decide what to do.

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    Instead, Mr. Mubarak, 82, a former general, struck a defiant, even provocative note. While he acknowledged for the first time that his government had made mistakes, he made it clear that he was still president and that reforms in Egypt would proceed under his government’s supervision and according to the timetable of elections in September.

    He added that he was “adamant to continue to shoulder my responsibility to protect the Constitution and safeguard the interests of the people.”

    He echoed the contention of officials in past days that foreigners might be behind the uprising, but he cited no evidence to support that allegation.

    “We will not accept or listen to any foreign interventions or dictations,” he said.


    "foreign interventions or dictations"
    Do you think that's America? and what other countries?
    I'm not saying they don't need a change there, especially after 30yrs of 1 President (I definitely believe in TERM LIMITS and we need it here IMHO in Congress & Supreme Court) but... by creating a vacuum and no smooth transition in leadership, I believe this is an invitation for the Muslim Brotherhood (a terrorist organization) to step in. Mubarak staying there, and passing power to his VP, there are 6-7 months for politicians or parties to start hustling to get organized and prepared for an election.

    I'm afraid that just like the "students" participated in Iran to overthrow the Shah of Iran in 1979, the religious leaders (now loving the power they've enjoyed via Ayotollah Khomeini's return and Islamic Republic of Iran) will never step aside. When the Green Revolution movement and election in Iran was all in the news, that's when Obama should have given some encouragement to the people living under a Theocracy Dictatorship ... to try to gain a Democracy. He and his adminstration did not.

    I pray that these 1000's of students and young adults in Egypt that are craving freedom aren't naively and unknowingly opening the door and welcoming in the Islamic Republic of Egypt.

    ps - I happen to have ties to both of those countries ... my Armenian Christian parents came to the US from Iran and my son's dad (my ex-husband) an Egyptian born Copt, an Orthodox Christian... so I am concerned about the Christians in those nations.

    Remember, that IRAQ is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East ... and that's thanks to US.

    (btw - Turkey is 1/2 in Asia, but seems to be having rumblings of Moslem religious leaders wanting more control of the secular citizens)