Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A better direction

So now that Obama has ‘pivoted’ from a radical Dem to something ‘sub-RINO-esque’ in appearance only, what do the American People think? And since the midterm elections, where the GOP rid itself of a few more libs, replacing with more conservative choices, again I ask, what do the American People think? Well, if this is any indication, the latest Gallup poll suggests…
Americans Believe GOP Should Consider Tea Party Ideas
What a novel concept, since the tea party was the PRECISE entity that ushered in November’s historic Republican sweep. Note that while the Republican Party’s popularity has increased, tea party public opinion has changed little. That’s because the ENGINE of the Republican drive IS THE TEA PARTY! But don’t count on any in the media, nor the majority of politicians, to figure that one out (or be willing to accept it). Independents, and some Democrats, have lost faith in this administration's ability to properly govern, choosing to side with a more conservative direction. Take note Republican Party, and don’t throw it away on the wrong candidate in 2012! And this leads to just that point...

One thing the Republican Party MUST figure out soon, is a narrower array of candidates they want to promote for a serious presidential contender. The run-of-the-mill Establishment member need not apply. The party that professes to represent conservative values should take the advice of the American People and consider a Principled Conservative for the top spot. Thus far, the speculative ‘usual suspects’ are far from impressive. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a ‘usual suspect’ to defeat the Obama-Democrat propaganda machine, that’s for certain. And if the Party of Reagan considers the belief of the American People, they’d prefer a better ‘morning in America’ for a change. One might be so bold to say that they’d be up for the challenge of ‘Saving Freedom’!

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