Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SHUT IT DOWN if that's what it takes!

If Obama and the Dems can’t sacrifice a portion of trillions in pet projects and gov’t takeovers, and make the ‘tough cuts’ that his rhetoric reflects, then yes, call his idle threats and shut the whole damn thing down!

Whether it’s $61B or $100B…
“Conservatives seek $20B in deeper cuts to House spending bill” by Russell Berman
…it’s always too much cutting for Big Gov’t, Big Spending Dems…and the first thing they do when they’re threatened: Blame Republicans!
“Dem leader says it's up to the GOP to avoid a government shutdown” by Mike Lillis
Now after ‘Stempy’ barks, Obama joins in. Call their bluff, pass a tough cutting CR, then immediately give a presser describing the necessary cuts that Obama and Dems want off the table and are attempting to shut out. Put the ball in their court! He wants to threaten to shut down the gov’t, then shut the whole damn thing down! NO MORE EXCESSIVE SPENDING! That is the Will of the People…not raising the debt ceiling, not out-of-touch budgets, not funding the unconstitutional Obamacare!
“Obama threatens to veto House Republican spending measure” by Sam Youngman and Michael O'Brien

Do not continue to fall for the line that required cuts used to control this unsustainable debt will “jeopardize the economic recovery.” There is NO economic recovery when the hole continues to grow deeper, when the debt surpasses the total economic income, when private joblessness continues yet public spending increases. The cracks in the foundation are REAL, and this President and this Congress MUST get serious about that! It’s time for Republicans to put up or…not shut up, but SHUT DOWN if that’s what it takes to end the agony being inflicted on the American People, as The Mark Levin Show so succinctly indicates:

“President Obama is hurting the future of America. Obama’s budget is creating a tremendous amount of debt for our children to pay. As costs go up, the federal government wants to be the primary entity that the American people will have to go to. They want to control the rest of enterprise. … [Speaking towards the attachment of the defund effort to the CR] Republicans have the American people behind them on this, and they must not give in at a crucial time for our country against an unlawful entitlement program.”

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