Thursday, February 17, 2011

Obama’s dangerous new doctrine

So the new ‘Obama Doctrine’ for the Middle East appears to promote revolutions for our allies overseas, while discouraging needed revolts for the hostile governments of our enemies. Let’s take a look at how that’s working out, shall we…

‘Peace’ in Tunisia?

‘Civility’ in Egypt?

Also to note, it was reported that the thugs were shouting “Jew! Jew!” during the time of the assault. Jewish-hating rapists: NOT CIVIL!

BTW, I never heard Obama pushing for the Coptic Christians to have a place in the new government that he’s taking credit for helping usher in. How’s that for Democracy? What else…

What about Iran? Oh yeah…
“Democracy Protests In Iran…And Again, Obama Is Silent” posted at Joshuapundit
Joshuapundit NAILS the new Obama Doctrine!

…and this can’t be good for Israel (or Egypt as a sustainable ally)!
“Iranian warships sailing through Suez poses prickly decision for Egypt” by Moni Basu

“Protest actions in Tunisia that spread over to Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, and now to Iran were not spontaneous at all; neither were they conditioned by the aspiration of the Arab world for democracy.”
Due to instability, new Middle East will be fraught with more threats than former one
“For long no one has been fascinated with the words “freedom”, “democracy” and “progress”. On the contrary, they are becoming an excuse for people who are reluctant to work and change their lives, and are waiting for “manna from heaven”."

So, where does all this leave Israel? Well, apparently, as illustrated in the administration’s latest move, sold down the river!
“Obama’s anti-Israel agenda” by Jeffrey T. Kuhner
“President Obama is siding with Israel‘s enemies. He is slowly fracturing America’s long-standing alliance with the Jewish state and leaving it isolated on the world stage.”

Basically, Obama is taking his community organizing domestic agenda of agitation and dismantlement ABROAD!

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