Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Strategy, clarity, direction, foresight...Cruz wins the night

What a nice change...a salient debate of FoxBusiness. And even before the GOP's fourth debate, Ted Cruz was on the rise...
TheHill: Ted Cruz’s plan to win the Republican presidential nomination is coming together.

The Texas senator has been edging up in the polls and has a chance to drive home his advantage Tuesday night, when the fourth televised GOP debate takes place in Milwaukee.

GOP insiders say that the Tea Party ­favorite also has one of the most impressive political operations in the field. And the consensus is growing that he and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) could end up as finalists in the battle for the nomination.

In that scenario — which is dependent on the current leaders, businessman Donald Trump and retried neurosurgeon Ben Carson, fading — Cruz would emerge as the standard-bearer of the GOP’s conservative wing, while Rubio would be the establishment-friendly figure.

If it comes to that, Cruz supporters like their chances, given the insurgent mood rippling through the party’s base.
Yep! And last night, he further displayed how everything is coming together with his articulate, principled credentials in what might have amounted to the most time given to the statesman at any debate thus far:

Ted tipped off supporters through text/email messages as to what his intentions were to bring to this debate, and boy did he summarily satisfy!

Whether it's correcting the record on his reform policies, while soberly assessing how the Washington Cartel's view of amnesty and economics don't abide by the rule of law... finding the principled middle ground between defending families and the nation without further indebting future generations... laying out the presumed Democratic frontrunner's policy failure after policy failure, alongside the current occupant's...

...and speaking of failure, unequivocally answering the call for no more bailouts! No entity is too big to fail, there is the FDIC, Mr. Kasich, and enough with the straw man arguments, folks aren't buying it anymore!

In summary, bold colors, no pale pastels (and a great message for Veterans Day too!)...

And the winner of the night goes to, you guessed it!
Rich Lowry of NRO: Ted Cruz had a terrific night. He had a stand-out answer on immigration and wages, and made his own fortune by getting into an argument with John Kasich on bank bailouts, enunciating the anti-bailout position forcefully and repeatedly. He was pointed, eloquent, and, of course, very conservative.
Many are beginning to take note of this extraordinary patriot. How is the Texas senator the most likely GOP nominee? Because he's the most anti-Establishment candidate, making him the defining conservative of the bunch...
Lifezette: While Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to dominate the polls and a gaggle of Establishment candidates battle one another, the favorite to win the Republican presidential nomination just might be Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, journalist Mark Halperin said Tuesday.

On the day of the fourth Republican debate Tuesday, Halperin said on “The Laura Ingraham Show” that Cruz might be best situated to, as Ingraham put it, “marry the passion to the substance.”

Halperin, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, said Cruz is set up nicely for the Iowa caucuses and would have favorable terrain in the early voting Southern states. In addition, he said, the Cruz campaign has a highly sophisticated effort to master the rules and intricacies of capturing delegates.

“If you total up the assets and problems and look at the calendar, you look at the fundraising, you look at message, I could make a case today that Cruz might be the most likely nominee,” Halperin said. “And people are underestimating him and continue to underestimate him. I think the Establishment might be less happy with Ted Cruz as the nominee than even Trump.”

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ADDENDUM: Other praise heaped on Sen. Cruz...
“Cruz really won tonight. He had just a stellar performance. Every word was memorable. Every line was precisely delivered. His defense of his tax plan was solid.” ~ Erick Erickson

“I thought Ted Cruz was very strong. I thought he had substantive answers that were well delivered…I thought he was just impressive.” ~ Bill Kristol

“Ted Cruz, fabulous night. He followed up on a great night in the previous debate. He had more time than he had in other debates. I think you got to see the knowledge and substance and passion. I would say by far Ted Cruz probably had the best night of everybody.” ~ Sean Hannity

“TedCruz just hit 94 by saying all the rules that apply to America will apply to Congress.” ~ Frank Luntz

“TedCruz scores big (hits 98) with ‘I’m tired of being told I’m anti-immigrant. It’s offensive.’ Actually outscores Trump on immigration.” ~ Frank Luntz

“I think it goes Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina.” ~ Bret Baier

“Cruz is showing why so many insiders think he’ll eventually be in the final two or three when the field winnows” ~ Chuck Todd

“I think that is the best moment Ted Cruz had in the debate last night was talking about immigration in the way he did.” – John McCormack

“[Cruz] had a very good night.” ~ Jonah Goldberg

“Ted Cruz proved that he didn’t need to assault the media to turn in an impressive performance… it was the strong answer to the bailout question that put him over the top in my view. The contrast was obvious… none of [the other candidates] gave a clear answer on what they would do differently in the same situation. Then Cruz absolutely dominated it.” ~ Ben Domenech
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