Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama's ISIS non-strategy demonstrates that loyalties lie not with America

Over the weekend, it looks like Obama's strategy against ISIS is much worse than we thought. For one, it appears that the Intel was cooked...(shocker, right?)
TRS: Over the weekend, possibly the most alarming news you’ll hear about the war against ISIS brewed up again in the wake of the President’s latest attempt to minimize the risks people face and prop up his own worldview and policy desires.

The Pentagon is expanding their “inquiry” into whether Centcom doctored intelligence to make it seem as if the war against ISIS were going better than it was, and also to make ISIS appear to be weaker and less of a threat than it actually is. In other words, whether intelligence was altered to shore up President JV’s assessment of the enemy and his continuing objections that everything is fine.

It was the morning of the terror attack in Paris when President Obama claimed ISIS was contained. Even this weekend the President said they were just killers with “good social media.” France, England, Russia, and tens of thousands of refugees seem to disagree.
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But the bad intel is merely indicative of Obama's bad strategy...and as Rush divulged this morning, it's a strategy that purposefully does nothing...
"Now, the American people might think that he doesn't have a strategy because they don't see any action. No action is the strategy. May I remind you, may I repeat, and I mentioned this in the Fox News Sunday interview yesterday. Walid Phares says that Obama has sided with Iran and Syria when it comes to ISIS because of the sectarian violence going on in all these Middle Eastern countries. Obama is telling everybody that until these countries unify themselves, there's no point in him helping them, because getting rid of ISIS, Obama says, we don't know what would surface to replace them. It might be worse.

It's an excuse for not doing anything because Iran doesn't want anything done. ISIS is doing Iran's bidding. Now, for whatever reason, Obama has signed on with Iran. We have unfrozen $150 billion of Iranian assets. They've got now $150 billion to spend on whatever they want that they didn't have. And as everybody knows, we are facilitating the Iranian nuclear weapons program by permitting it to proceed.

So Obama does have a strategy. It is for Iran to eventually be the power in that region. And if ISIS is an agent of Iran, and if ISIS is an agent of Bashar Assad or if Assad's an agent of Iran, that's where Obama's loyalties lie. So the strategy is not to do anything."

All of this convolution to curry global favor and manipulate public opinion to support an abysmal imperial President. One thing's for certain: It couldn't be more apparent that Obama's loyalties lie not in America's best interest or that of her people, but of something foreign and worldly towards our detriment.

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