Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Obama issues executive order to shield criminals' records from federal employment, seeks ‘blanket pardon’ for Dem votes

Obama continues to side with criminals against law-abiding citizens, as shown by his proposal for a mass release of inmates. We never see liberals talk about criminal justice reform for corporate crimes or tax evasion, but always drug incarceration. What Obama is doing isn’t criminal justice reform; it’s just a massive release of criminals. True criminal justice reform would be fewer regulations, and more liberty. Obama wants to release criminals not for criminal justice reform, but because he sees them as future Democrat voters. ~ ML, 11/2/15
Once again, Mark's on to yet another of Obama's lawless moves. This time, it's Obama siding with criminals over tax-paying citizens. And it's not just about hiding records, Obama undoubtedly wants to give released prisoners a 'blanket pardon' so that they can cast Democratic votes in the 2016 election.

"Everything good is turned upside down, and now he wants to release thousands more prisoners. And he doesn’t want those hiring at the federal level, in the federal bureaucracy, to be able to know if people have actually served time in certain circumstances. This is just incredible to me. Just think about Obama, what his priorities are. Illegal aliens, not American citizens. American citizens he has contempt for, particularly white people — let’s be honest here — who have racism in their DNA. It’s the damnedest thing. This president sides with rioters against police officers. This president sides with criminals against successful tax-paying citizens. And I got to thinking. This is his constituent group. This is his constituent group, and so the more people they can release — maybe at some point he’ll release these people and give them a blanket pardon. You’ve heard it here first because I think maybe that’s what’s going on. You know because in some states you can’t vote."
By hook, but mostly by CROOK! And you know that's the case when they call it 'reform'. This is a jailbreak executed by the head criminal.

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