Thursday, November 19, 2015

RUSH: 'ISIS came to be PRECISELY because of Obama policies'

On Monday, Rush made the abbreviated case as to why Obama is the one responsible for ISIS...

Consider his hodge-podge of foreign policies since taking office in January of '09...and then consider that there was no ISIS until Obama! By Thursday, El Rushbo presented the unabbreviated version...
"We have a terrorist group that has formed basically during Obama’s presidency. There wasn’t any ISIS before Obama.

There wasn’t an ISIS with George W. Bush in the White House. ISIS came to be precisely because of the policies of Barack Hussein O. Barack Hussein O, for whatever reason, got us out of the Middle East after a successful — eventually successful — campaign. He left a vacuum, and it has been filled by ISIS. And they’re off and running now, and they are terrorizing all of Europe. And they, like other Islamists, are telegraphing their intentions. They intend to do the same thing here.

They’re being very open about it. They’re cutting and releasing videos and promising to do so.

It would be silly to not take them at their word. It would be silly to assume that we’re untouchable. So when we have current leadership that doesn’t seem concerned and doesn’t seem halfway interested in stopping any of this — and, furthermore, doesn’t even want to establish that they recognize this same threat that we see. That’s the reason for the opposition to this. This administration is losing the trust of the American people more and more each day and for legitimate reasons. Those of you who have a desire to protect and defend this country, it’s for all of the right reasons.

A, it’s instinctive for a patriotic American to want to protect and defend his homeland. There are other reasons. The future for your children and grandchildren. You know of the greatness of this country and, furthermore, of its potential — and its potential is being squandered! We are being led by people who do not believe in American potential, do not believe in American exceptionalism — and, furthermore, believe that our superpower status is illegitimate and undeserved."

"The president of the United States is the number one law enforcer. He is the number one defender and protector of the country, its people, it's Constitution. And we just don't see...

By virtue of behavior and policies implemented, we just don't see he recognizes that. Instead, we see a president who seems to believe he leads a country that has committed sin after sin after sin and must now pay a price for that. And he almost enjoys the bitter clingers (as he calls them) of this country being upset and worried about it. And now has become petulant and childlike when questioned legitimately by sycophantic media about why he has no interest in quote "getting these bastards," unquote.

What are we to think where we hear our own president say he doesn't believe in concepts like leadership and victory and winning? What are we supposed to think? We're not irrational. ...

Well, we don't have a leader who accepts the idea that the purpose of armies is to kill people and break things and to eventually win to the point where the other side surrenders and apologizes for what they did to start the whole thing. Because our president seems to think we're responsible for starting these things, that we're responsible for the existence of all of this anti-American evil out there because of our past transgressions as an unjust and illegitimately founded whatever we are, country. So our president talks about not wanting to lead and not wanting to sloganeer and use terms like "leadership" and "winning" because that misses the point, that's not what we're all about, and we see that combined with other policies the president's implemented, and I'm here to tell you being cared is the only common-sensical reaction. And wanting to do something in opposition to it, stop it and fix it and reverse it is also quite natural.

So the opposition to the illegal immigrants is nothing about Mexicans. The illegal refugees is nothing about bias against Syrians or ethnic bias, racist bias. It's about love of country and a recognition that we are at risk in a dangerous world, and it doesn't seem like we have a leadership too interested in defending us against what we see are not maybe possible threats, but they are real, they are happening, they've even happened on our own soil."
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