Thursday, November 5, 2015

GOP-led House votes AGAINST blocking Iran from receiving taxpayer-backed subsidies

63 Republicans sold us out and voted against an amendment to ban Export-Import subsidies for Iran and other terror-sponsor states. Iran was directly involved in the slaughter of American soldiers and they vote against this amendment? ~ ML, 11/5/15
See how even when we trounce the left locally, so many of our national GOP representatives FAIL us miserably...

DailySignal: The House today rejected an amendment that would have prohibited the Export-Import Bank from providing loans, loan guarantees, and credit to state sponsors of terrorism such as Iran.

Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, introduced the amendment amid concerns that President Barack Obama would issue waivers to state sponsors of terrorism that would allow them to receive taxpayer-backed subsidies from the government bank.

Republicans, however, helped Democrats defeat the amendment, 244-183.

“Some parts of U.S. law, most notably in the Foreign Assistance Act, does prevent Ex-Im from engaging with state sponsors of terrorism,” Royce said on the House floor. “But these commonsense prohibitions are subject to presidential waivers, and we have seen the president abuse waivers to pursue his agenda over and over again on Iran.”

Royce called on Congress to close the “loophole” that would allow the president to make such exceptions.

“I think we can all agree, Ex-Im supporters and opponents alike, that Iran should not be entitled to American taxpayer-financed aircraft deals,” Royce said.

The measure went down with 181 Democrats and 63 Republicans voting against it.

Congress allowed the charter of the Ex-Im Bank to expire in June, citing examples of cronyism, but efforts are afoot among lawmakers to revive the government bank.
Yet another case for an Article V Convention of the States, folks. If you didn't catch Levin yesterday discussing this, here's another opportunity (particularly relevant to what we see these federal officials have done here)...
What do recent state election victories mean in the fight for liberty and self-governance?


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ADDENDUM: Btw, here's the names of those 63 traitors. Know their names, give them hell, and don't let them continue to commit such travesties against the very nation each and every one have pledged an oath by. Absolutely we should hold Democrats accountable, but the men behind these names ought to have known better than the defeatists they've become...

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