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Cruz's immigration plan: Timely remedy for amnesty and Syrian refugee crisis (ADDENDUM)

2016 can't come soon enough, and implementation of this plan in the following January of 2017 could guarantee America's safety and sovereignty from within and abroad in an increasingly hostile world...
Townhall: It's official! Sen. Ted Cruz's immigration plan trumps Trump's!

I expected that the unveiling of his plan would take a back seat to the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France, and rightfully so. However, in lieu of the chaos, presidents will be forced to make many decisions during their tenure that will affect the safety and security of the American people. The Paris attack gave us a chance to see how our candidates would respond if an event like that occured during their administration. In a world with an ever increasing threat of an ISIS attack, immigration is no longer a matter of migration and sovereignty alone - it's a matter of national security.

Cruz's plan doesn't explicitly address the deportation of the estimated 11 million illegal foreigners residing within our nation's borders currently. Nonetheless, it's almost certain that self deportation would be the end result of his plan. Self deportation is a more viable option than Donald Trump's plan to corral illegal foreigners and throw them out, considering the divided and often feckless Congress in Washington, D.C.

Sen. Cruz wisely divided his plan into three categories. All of which are essential in restoring our immigration system, Judeo-Christian heritage, healthy job wages and national sovereignty. The plan entails how he would secure the border, restore the rule of law, and reform legal immigration to protect Americans. Within each category Sen. Cruz offered specific and in depth objectives to implement his plan, along with a "promise" to see it through.
1.) Secure the border
A.) Build a wall that works. After passing legislation in 2006 to complete a 700 mile fence across our southern border and having it signed by then President George W. Bush, Congress managed to build a menial 36 miles worth of fence. Ted Cruz promised to "complete" the remaining 664 miles worth of concrete enforced fencing.

B. Triple the number of border patrol agents. The federal government is obligated to enforce our border laws. Having more man power will help in that effort and let the countries south of our border know we mean business.

C. Increase vital aerial surveillance and other technology along the border. Although I'm skeptical of the effectiveness of this particular aspect of securing our border security, Sen. Cruz argues that "eyes in the sky and other equipment are necessary to find and detain all illegal entrants."

D.) Finish the biometric tracking system at our nation's ports of entry. Approximately 60 percent of illegal foreigners that enter our country legally on temporary visa programs never leave. A tracking system is crucial to curtail that.
2.) Restore the rule of law.
A.) End President Obama's illegal amnesty. Sen. Cruz promises to rescind each of Obama's 20 executive orders that has fomented illegal immigration his first day in office. Having argued before the Supreme Court nine times, I tend to believe he knows what he's doing.

B.) Increase deportations and end catch-and-release. Deportations and returns have to be taken seriously. Ted Cruz has promised to rededicate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to "fully enforcing the law."

C.) End sanctuary policies. Sanctuary cities are a spit in the face to those who immigrated to our country legally. They undermine any incentive for illegal foreigners to assimilate. This must be stopped! Three hundred-forty jurisdictions in the U.S. refuse to enforce our immigration laws. Cruz has promised to sign "Kate's law, and deport criminal immigrants."

D.) Prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving financial benefits and strengthen E-Verify. People who broke our border laws don't deserve welfare from U.S. citizens. Additionally, American jobs should go to Americans. This policy will help accomplish that objective.
3.) Reform legal immigration to protect Americans.
A.) Suspend the issuance of all H-1B visas for 180 days to complete a comprehensive investigation and audit of pervasive allegations of abuse of the program. Ted Cruz also promised to "initiate an immediate 90-day investigation and audit" of the H-1B visa program to protect American jobs. I would like more details on this.

B.) Halt any increases in immigration so long as American unemployment remains unacceptably high. Until American workers are near full employment it makes no sense to saturate the low skilled labor market and drive down wages.

C.) Enforce the public-charge doctrine. I love this! If you come to this country it is incumbent upon you and no one else to take care of yourself! Let's restore the "American Dream" not the "Great society."

D.) End birthright citizenship. As a black American it is offensive how our 14th Amendment is being used to justify lawless acts by illegal foreigners when it was written to protect freedmen! Sen. Cruz promises to "take steps to pass legislation or a constitutional amendment to end it."
America is the only industrialized nation in the modern world with weak border policy. Other candidates are "campaigning" about what they'd do to secure the border, but knowing what we know about Sen. Cruz, he's just speaking truth.
Here it is, America! Nominate him, elect the man with the plan, and we're certain to get it.

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ADDENDUM: Sen. Cruz also laid out why the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act of 2015 is necessary...
WT: The self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has emerged as the new face of the radical terror that has bedeviled the West in recent decades. As the American people are now painfully aware in the wake of ISIS’s murderous rampage in Paris last Friday, they have apparently now directly threatened both Washington and New York. Their attacks and threats serve as reminders that ISIS can and, given time and opportunity, will strike the West again.

This jihadist organization is intentionally infiltrating the flood of refugees that are currently entering Europe through Turkey, Greece, and points west. Rather than taking the threat seriously, President Obama has doubled down on his dangerous open-borders policies by proposing to welcome thousands of refugees who have potentially been infiltrated by terrorists to the United States. This headlong rush toward a careless policy comes just weeks after FBI Director James Comey told Congress, in no uncertain terms, that our government lacks the tools to properly screen these refugees.

Since the beginning of the Syrian refugee crisis, more than 2,100 refugees from Syria have already been admitted to the United States. President Obama now wants to accept at least 10,000 more this fiscal year. That’s roughly a third of the 34,000 total refugees President Obama proposes to accept from the Near East and South Asia.

This policy makes no sense. Given the existential nature and scope of the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism, the limitations on our ability to screen the flood of refugees, and the obligations of our government to provide for the safety and security of all Americans, we simply cannot accept refugees from countries that have a significant terrorist presence until the terrorist threat has been eliminated.

As an unapologetic proponent of legal immigration, it brings me no pleasure to advocate for limiting the flow of refugees to America. But the first duty of our government, which President Obama and Hillary Clinton are ignoring, is to protect the American people. And if that means temporarily suspending the admission of high-risk refugees from countries beset by jihadist groups, then so be it.

This is why I have introduced the Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act of 2015. This constitutionally sound, common-sense measure would immediately bar any refugee who is from any country that contains territory controlled in substantial part by ISIS, al Qaeda, or any other designated foreign terrorist organization ascribing to the radical, totalitarian Islamism dedicated to the destruction of the United States and our allies, and whose proponents find anyone who does not share their faith—from couples dining in cafes to Jews shopping in a kosher market to satirical cartoonists—equally offensive. The bill specifically names Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen as countries from which refugees cannot be accepted, and empowers the State Department to identify and designate additional countries as potential sources of terror.

It is important to note this refugee ban would be temporary. It would sunset after three years, and allow Congress to reevaluate the global situation and make necessary adjustments, or let the law expire. It would in no way prevent the United States from providing assistance to humanitarian disasters in a way that is consistent with our national security.

The bill would also allow a narrow exception to the refugee ban in cases that involve victims of genocide like the Yazidis and certain Christian sects, including Assyrians, who, amazingly, still speak a form of Aramaic that is believed to have been spoken by Jesus Christ. This exception would only be available for the severest cases of persecution, and would require a high bar of proof.

The American people already know the truth President Obama will not utter, which is that the threat we face is radical Islamic terrorism, not random violence. The fact of the matter is that no Christian or Yazidi has systematically executed concert-goers while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” Pretending all the refugees are equally likely or unlikely to commit terrorist acts prevents us from helping those we can while protecting ourselves from a real threat. And the insistence of the Obama Administration that the terrorist threat is “not Islamic” gives no confidence that any screening mechanism they would design would actually identify the radical Islamic terrorists whose stated goal is to murder Americans.

After the horror of Paris, it would be downright reckless not to take basic steps to protect ourselves from the threat of terrorist infiltration. It takes just one jihadist to cause enormous damage and take countless lives. This is a small, first step toward protecting America, and I will never apologize for defending this nation. which the piece o' DemoCRAPS blocked (thanks in part to McConnell's cowardice in managing the rules of the Senate for the Dems' gains).

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