Monday, November 16, 2015

Levin's reaction to Paris terror attacks, 'it could happen here'

Levin laid down the law Friday night...
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, France was under a terror attack. Over 120 people have been slaughtered and couldn’t protect themselves. What’s going on in France can go on over here because our borders are wide open. We need to know who’s coming into America to keep us safe and we need a President who isn’t soft on immigration and national security. That’s why we must nominate a conservative for President.
"If we had a federal government that was doing more than destroying this country, it would take a leadership role, the president would take a leadership role. He'd call in every governor of every state, Republican or Democrat, and he would tell them, 'we are going to coordinate; we want to coordinate with your towns and with your cities; we are going to secure our borders and secure the interior of the country.' No, I don't mean a police state; I mean enforce our immigration laws FOR ONCE! Enough politics. Enough. Enough with the Democrats just trying to get votes as they destroy our country. Enough with the Republicans pandering, they're concerned about the demographics just to get the votes. Enough with these ethnic front groups. Enough excuses. How many more innocent people are gonna be slaughtered because of terrorism? 9/11 should have been the final straw, but apparently it's not!"

#ParisAttacks: The horrors, the responses, the prayers for action (UPDATES)

ADDENDUM: More from Levin the following Monday...
On Monday’s Mark Levin show: When it comes to fighting a successful war, the modern Democratic party is incapable of fighting one. The Democrat party is so committed to its left wing agenda that it can’t defend the country. Though there are differences among Republicans, every single Republican would stand up to fight ISIS. President Obama and the Democrats are not identifying the enemy, not concerned about Islamists crossing the border, and did not wake up after the Paris attacks. Even the socialists in France get that action needs to be taken against ISIS. Also, even some in the liberal press seem to be getting it as they ask Obama the tough questions on ISIS at a press conference in Turkey. Reporters put the President on the spot and Obama just dismisses the issue and makes it look like no big deal. We need a leader that talks about American values and takes any threat against the American people seriously. Later, Republican candidates should take Democrats to task on their inability to stand up for America. Americans do not need 4 more years of national suicide and unwillingness to combat these terrorists.

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