Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Americans OPPOSE Obama's Syrian Muslim refugee resettlement, ask why not MidEast Christians?

"Since when is it un-American to prevent people from coming into our country to protect us from terrorism?" ~ ML
Since the age of Obama.

While Obama partakes of his usual mockery whenever he's in the minority of American thinking, he wouldn't dare consider our ideals or the world around him for the nation's sake. Instead, Mr. Transparency refuses to give governors information on Syrian refugees, while we're continually warned about the orchestrated Muslim migrant streams across Europe, most recently with 8 suspected ISIS members detained in Turkey posing as 'refugees', and rapidly pursuing the infiltration of our porous borders. Just today, 5 Syrian men were caught in Honduras trying to enter the U.S. with stolen passports, we found out that al Qaeda terrorists who killed American soldiers were allowed into the U.S. through Obama's toughest ever refugee program, and now we've discovered that nearly 70 individuals (men & women) have been arrested in the U.S. over ISIS plots in the last 18 months, some of which are 'refugees'...
DailyMail: US authorities have charged at least 66 men and women with ISIS-related terror plots on American soil – including a handful of refugees, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The terror group has set its sights on Washington, D.C. as it vows to further infiltrate the West and ramp up its blood-soaked offensive.

President Obama insists that ‘slamming the door’ on Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS would be a betrayal of American values.

But 34 governors are refusing to take in any more, in case jihadi fighters slip into their states and repeat the carnage of Paris.

Analysis by Daily Mail Online reveals that a handful of foiled plots have already involved immigrants accused of harboring sympathy for ISIS.
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In the midst of the enemy's orchestration, alongside our so-called President's own concerted effort to once again pursue his agenda of fundamentally transforming the nation (through dereliction of duty no less), the American citizenry has had ENOUGH!
Bloomberg: Most Americans want the U.S. to stop letting in Syrian refugees amid fears of terrorist infiltrations after the Paris attacks, siding with Republican presidential candidates, governors and lawmakers who want to freeze the Obama administration’s resettlement program.

The findings are part of a Bloomberg Politics National Poll released Wednesday that also shows the nation divided on whether to send U.S. troops to Iraq and Syria to fight the Islamic State, an idea President Barack Obama opposes, and whether the U.S. government is doing enough to protect the homeland from a comparable attack.

Fifty-three percent of U.S. adults in the survey, conducted in the days immediately following the attacks, say the nation should not continue a program to resettle up to 10,000 Syrian refugees. Just 28 percent would keep the program with the screening process as it now exists, while 11 percent said they would favor a limited program to accept only Syrian Christians while excluding Muslims, a proposal Obama has dismissed as “shameful” and un-American.

More broadly, terrorism and the Islamic State group surged to the top of Americans’ concerns immediately following the deadly attacks, even as Republicans and Democrats remain divided over how best to address threats. The percentage of those rating terrorism or the Islamic State as top concerns has nearly doubled since the poll last was taken in September. At the same time, those who think the U.S. is on the right track, fell to 23 percent, the lowest rating in more than three years. Obama’s disapproval rating rose to 51 percent, up four percentage points since September.
The Bloomberg piece makes mention of a percentage of the population wondering why Obama is so concerned with taking in Muslim refugees, but scoffs at the mention of rescuing persecuted Christians in the Middle East. Levin made the point on Monday that while Muslims throughout the region have many options of escape, Middle Eastern Christians simple “have nowhere else to go”...

Cruz had also emphasized a similar sentiment over the weekend, and really began to hone in on the Obama regime's disconnected policies:
“There is no meaningful risk of Christians committing acts of terror. If there were a group of radical Christians pledging to murder anyone who had a different religious view than they, we would have a different national security situation. ... But it is precisely the Obama administration’s unwillingness to recognize that or ask those questions that makes them so unable to fight this enemy, because they pretend as if there is no religious aspect to this.”
And for that, alongside the opposition to resettling tens of thousands of unvetted Muslim refugees, Obama savage Americans as 'shameful' and 'unAmerican', when reality reveals the Joker as the true fool. Aside from federal law requiring religion to specifically be taken into account when acquiring asylum, the shame is in his belief that America is inherently racist and xenophobic simply because we want the citizenry safeguarded against outside enemies, yet he still foolishly pursues further divisions in the balkanization of the country through forcefully infusing foreign, unassimilated entities into the populace, as if that wouldn't promulgate perceived tensions anywhere else in the world? And to top it off, all of Obama's trashing of America is being done on his current world tour! Well, Sen. Cruz had had enough of his overseas rhetoric by Wednesday...

Don't hold your breath on Obama actually taking Cruz's challenge. Even as Cruz works to bring a bill to the floor that would mandate resettling Syrian refugees in major Muslim countries throughout the Middle East instead of bringing them here (while petitioning for MidEast Christians' safety), Obama is already scaring House RINOs with threats to veto their weaker bill that would supposedly intensify refugee screenings.

But this does beg to take a deeper look into why Obama takes every opportunity to castigate our Judeo-Christian roots, while simultaneously acting as a special-pleader for Islam. The simple answer requires looking no further than his background: son of a liberal mother and an anti-colonialist, marxist-leaning, muslim-turned-atheist father, with the influence of a communist grandfather and mentors of the same vain that took him all the way through college and into community organizing and politics. Now who's unAmerican? His sympathies lie outside of American principles.

It makes sense that a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles would prioritize protection of their persecuted brethren, but that's not what this post-American president wants, because this has very little to do with compassion and everything to do with reshaping America, while utterly ignoring the consequences of a false religion.

But, hey, no worries, Obama's gonna keep us safe by bringing the unassimilated, unvetted, uncomplimentary masses to our shores...and just in time for the latest ISIS video threatening NYC And Times Square to roll around. How the hell did we go so wrong with leadership choices, America?

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ADDENDUM: On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show...
Our own FBI Director, James Comey, said last month that the government can’t vet all Syrian refugees for terror ties, yet President Obama says there is a very extensive screening process. It should be common sense – if we can’t vet people they can’t come here. The Syrian refugees are not the problem; ISIS infiltrating the Syrian refugees is the problem. This is a different situation than accepting Jews in the 1930’s, Vietnamese and other groups who have fled to the U.S. None of them were coming from areas threatening attacks on the U.S. We need a commander and chief who will stand up to the violence of ISIS and not create a situation that will compromise national security. Later, Ted Cruz calls in to discuss his plans to block the Syrian refugees and Obama’s cheap shots towards him.

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