Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cruz dispels myth of 'compassionate' illegality, addresses Rubio's 'change of heart'

The response that continues to garner Cruz some of the most positive feedback from the Citizenry well after the last GOP debate was his honest assessment of illegal immigration and this phony sense of so-called 'compassion' for societal disruption and flagrant lawbreaking...
TRS: Ted Cruz struck the perfect tone on immigration and why liberals are wrong to say that we need to be more “compassionate” and open up our borders to whoever wants to waltz in.

He’s exactly right, and it really burns me up every time liberals claim that Americans aren’t compassionate enough. Americans have allowed our laws to be broken because our leaders have told us it’s compassionate and it’s just made a problem much worse for American citizens.

And I love his line about giving away someone’s job as “compassion.” Brilliant.
Sorry, this isn't another liberal entitlement. ENOUGH! This is about America's sovereignty. Better yet, if we want to discuss compassion, what of the American and his child's dream?! The citizen cannot be neglected and reduced to second class, while raising the illegal to undeserving heights, and still expect to maintain a functioning civil society. We are a nation of Citizens and Law!

To another point...though Rubio scored significant points in the debate on tougher talk alongside Cruz, managing to virtually escape answering for his record on this particular topic (arguably 'the' weakness for the Florida senator), voters must nonetheless consider the inherent differences on this matter between the two. And Laura Ingraham dug into this today...
TRS: Ted Cruz was on with Laura Ingraham today where she asked him to respond to Marco Rubio’s comments where he was explaining what he had learned from the American people after being part of the gang of eight in pushing comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate a couple of years ago. Rubio suggested that what he’s learned is they can’t pass comprehensive immigration bills, but rather that they have to prove to the American people that the border is secure and working and that illegal immigration numbers are way down before they will sign off on mre immigration reforms.

But Ted Cruz said this isn’t rocket science, that it was just as clear back then what the American people were saying as it is now and that he has an issue with people who do one thing and then say something completely different. He says that’s a cause for a good amount of skepticism.

Cruz also points out that while Rubio says he’s big on border enforcement now, he voted against every enforcement amendment that was offered in the Senate judiciary committee with his gang of eight Republican colleagues as well as the Democrats.

As Cruz points out, this isn’t something from 10 or 15 years ago. This was just 2 years ago in the Senate when Rubio stood with the gang of eight and voted for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

I remember at the time I never thought Rubio would actually go through with a vote for the bill, believing that he was only fighting for immigration reform to prepare himself for a run for president and that at the end of the day he’d do the right thing.

But then he voted for it and that was something I just couldn’t support.

That’s why Rubio is not in my top tier of candidates because I just don’t know if he is trustworthy on this issue any longer.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is as good as they get on this issue and that’s why he is my top candidate for president.
It comes to no surprise that these two intelligent, articulate gentlemen are being sized up as the emerging frontrunners (mentioned in the previous post), and as TheHill made clear, 'Cruz would emerge as the standard-bearer of the GOP’s conservative wing, while Rubio would be the establishment-friendly figure.' So shouldn't that make it even clearer, understanding where we've been for far too long now, as to which candidate best reflects the direction we must move towards? Texans are taking note; it's time for the rest to.

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