Monday, November 16, 2015

Growing list of states refuse to take Syrian refugees in aftermath of Paris attacks (UPDATE)

And the common sense list is only growing larger, despite and in spite of the Obama regime's desire to corrode our culture and thrust us into further peril...
DailyBeast: More than a dozen U.S. states’ governors have announced they will refuse to take in Syrian refugees following Friday evening’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris. Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said Sunday he planned to refuse the relocation. “I will not place Alabamians at even the slightest possible risk of an attack on our people,” the governor said in a statement.

Earlier Sunday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said he would suspend the acceptance of new refugees until the Department of Homeland Security “completes a full review of security clearances and procedures.”

On Monday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott wrote that his state will not participate in refugee relocation and urged that the president halt the U.S. program of accepting Syrian refugees. Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson tweeted that he will also refuse to take refugees into his state. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley also joined the chorus.

And as The Daily Beast's Betsy Woodruff reported, New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan became the first Democratic governor to say no to refugees.
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Perhaps when more states understand just how easy it is for an ISIS terrorist to become a Syrian ‘refugee’ then maybe those numbers will continue to increase...
PoliticalInsider: The big debate over the supposed Syrian “refugees” centers exactly around whether they really are fleeing conflict or if they’re using the opportunity to overwhelm Europe by abusing their generous welfare programs, or even worse.

Well one reporter just proved that among the immigrants there lingers a terrifying an awful threat to the West.

from The Daily Mail:
ISIS fighters and economic migrants are able to buy Syrian identity documents that allow them to hide among refugees travelling to Europe with frightening ease, an investigation by MailOnline can reveal. Our reporter was able to buy a Syrian passport, identity card and driving licence from a fraudster in a Turkish border town this week.

The genuine documents were stolen from Syria when they were blank. The forger added our reporter’s picture and gave him the identity of a Syrian man from Aleppo killed last year.

The documents, on sale for around $2,000, would help an asylum claim in Europe.

The forger who sold us the papers, said that they are being used by ISIS fanatics to travel undetected across borders into Europe hidden among tens of thousands of genuine refugees fleeing the terror and destruction.

Once in Europe they can set up sleeper cells or live freely under a new identity without facing the consequences of their brutal past actions.

As the forger chillingly put it: ‘ISIS fighters are among the people going to Europe in this way. They are going to wait for the right time to become a fighter for ISIS again.’
So how long will it be before one of these terrorist ISIS cells gets tired of suckling off the European welfare teat and then activates to attack and slaughter the compassionate Europeans who let them in?

I have a feeling that things are going to get very dark in Europe – if there’s a terrorist attack, the Europeans have a history of overreacting, and then there’s gonna be hell to pay.

Now, how do you feel about bringing in Syrian refugees here?
Exactly! I'd say the #ParisAttacks proved the point in more unfortunate ways than one.

The safety of our citizenry must come first (of course, coinciding with the preservation of our liberty). Moves like what our imperial president is attempting (with 'refugees' oceans away to illegal aliens south of the border, and wherever else found abroad) work to erase our uniquely American identity along with our borders, and inevitably endanger both liberty and safety.

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UPDATE: Now, 32 states REJECT Obama’s Syrian Islamic refugees!
PoliticalInsider: Every day, more and more states are lining up to OPPOSE President Barack Obama’s dangerous plan to import tens of thousands of Islamic refugees from Syria.

These Syrian refugees are undocumented, and there’s no way to separate those who truly need help from those affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS). Clearly, the attacks in Paris, France have been a wakeup call… as now 32 states are rejecting Obama’s plan!

Here is the new map. Is your state on the map?

If you're state's not on the map, let your governor here about it!

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