Friday, November 20, 2015

Cruz SURGES back to 2nd and beyond! (UPDATES)

It's hard to say how much we can rely on polls these days, but if this latest is an accurate indication, then slow and steady wins the race!
TRS: NBC News has a new nationwide surveymonkey poll out today, with a very large sample size of over 2400 that are Republican or who lean Republican, that shows Ted Cruz surging 8 points to second place into a tie with Ben Carson with 18%. Trump is of course still in first place with 28%.

The interesting thing about this poll is that we can see the history all the way back to April of this year, and in this new polling Cruz is higher than he’s ever been, especially as of late:

And because we're in the age of demographic politics (don't know if party politics will ever escape it), here's the rundown of those numbers:

Interesting that left out were blacks, latinos and other minority groups, but not surprising for NBS, as Democratic media naturally believe they own those group of Americans.

Nonetheless, it's refreshing to see this conservative statesman acknowledged by more Americans. And really, how could you miss Ted as of late as he DISMANTLES the current unAmerican occupier for his overseas tirades against the very nation he swore an oath to?!


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UPDATES: A new CBS poll has Cruz surging to the top of the race in Iowa!
Ted Cruz SURGES TO SECOND place in Iowa poll, Carson COLLAPSES 8%!!
Hey, take it from the Maha Rushie, who tells it like it is when it comes to describing Ted Cruz...
"Brilliant. Just absolutely brilliant and conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident leader in whom you can totally depend."

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