Monday, October 13, 2014

Understanding how an unprincipled GOP could still win the Senate

If you get this:
"The Republican Party is liberal, and the Democrat Party is radical. We have no conservative party right now in America." ~ Mark Levin
...then you'll invariably understand how this could happen, particularly with the current imperial president and sycophant party mucking things up...
WaPo: The Washington Post's Election Lab -- our statistical model designed to predict outcomes of the various races on the ballot this fall -- is currently showing Republicans with a 95 percent chance of winning the Senate. While most political handicappers suggest Republicans have an edge in the battle for the Senate majority, few would say it is as heavily tilted toward the GOP as Election Lab.
The American Left and the lib media are hoping that voters won't return to the Republican Party. And from all accounts, far too many Republicans have demonstrated that it'll be an easier transition for a less principled America to sign on to an ambiguous GOP platform of nothingness...from McCain's desire for an Ebola czar to Susan Collins' assurance that Obamacare will never be repealedfrom the open-borders crowd to an assortment of anti-traditional pop-culturalists, all of whom place an 'R' beside their name, but know little of the party's inherently conservative foundation.

It's gonna take a long, long time to get America back on the right track, if ever...even with today's Republicans.

Many prayers are needed for our nation.

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ADDENDUM I: Via Monday's Mark Levin Show (10/20/14):
If the Republicans win the Senate, which Mark predicts they will, it won't be because the Establishment or the leadership helped in any way - but rather, it would be because the American people are fed up with what the Obama Administration and Democrats have done. Mark goes thru the biggest landslide victories that the Republicans have had in the past, including with Reagan, and how the principle way that came about was because of conservatism and conservatives coming out and voting. Why won't the RINOs join the conservatives in restoring the Republic, and pushing for a liberty agenda again? The Left has a totalitarian mindset and the Republicans need to do more than just win an election.
ADDENDUM II: Mitch McConnell provides Exhibit A for a do-nothing, go-along Republican majority, clearing the decks of any conservative influence...why?! Whether it's what the majority of Republican voters want is irrelevant to these people. The power-brokers demand it...
TheHill: Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) wants to get all must-pass legislation completed in the lame-duck session, so Senate Republicans would have a clean slate at the start of 2015, if they control the upper chamber.

Senate GOP aides say that’s the message from the leader, who could face opposition from conservative lawmakers who want to block any nonemergency measures in the window between Election Day and the start of the new Congress in January.

“We keep hearing from the leadership we’re going to clear the decks in the lame duck,” said a senior GOP aide.
Here's an accurate response, via Lucianne:
'The Leader of the Go Along to Get Along Gang of Social Progressive/Liberal RepublicRats already laying the groundwork for being Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey's to the Hussein Regime and DemocRats.'
Essentially, the bought-and-paid-for are staying bought-and-paid-for.

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