Monday, October 6, 2014

Tyranny advanced: SCOTUS passes SSM decision to federal oligarchs embedded within states

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." ~ Edmund Burke
Don't be fooled, folks. State sovereignty has once again been trampled by the Federal Leviathan. The Supreme Court hasn't left the issue of same-sex marriage up to the's nationalized it to the lower federal courts embedded within each state. Thus, oligarchs are still redefining morality...
CNN: The Supreme Court announced Monday it is staying out of the same-sex marriage debate -- at least for now -- rejecting requests from five states to immediately review their bans that prohibit gay and lesbian couples from civil wedlock.

The rejected appeals originated from same-sex couples in Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

With Monday's order, lower appeals court rulings striking down the bans could soon be enforced in those five states. That also means bans in all the other states covered by the three circuit appeals courts would also be invalidated. Those states include West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming. Same-sex marriage would then be permitted in 30 states.

The announcement signals the high court is taking a go-slow approach to the controversial social issue still percolating in the lower courts.
No doubt the defenders will continue making comparisons to the civil rights struggle or interracial marriage, but in those instances, they're missing the basis of human equality and biology, respectively. When in this behavioral debate, imagined and unequal privileges becomes the new 'equal rights' in the eyes of the courts, despite being overwhelmingly voted down by the WILL OF THE PEOPLE from each of these state in recognition of a moral authority. What the federal courts are allowing is for SIN to prevail, and taking the path of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Here's a personal motto that I find myself repeating often these days:
"I will condone your sin no more than I condone my own."
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REFLECTION: Via TRS comment from user DCSKIHOG:
Every human being is entitled to respect and acceptance, including those who are caught in the grip of sin. But I must emphasize that while we are expressing compassion to homosexuals as individuals, we are morally obligated to call sin by its name and to oppose the radical agenda of the gay-rights movement. What activists are trying to accomplish in the culture is wrong, and it must be resisted.

That agenda includes teaching pro-homosexual concepts in the public schools, redefining the family to represent "any circle of people who love each other," approval of homosexual adoption, legitimizing same-sex marriage, and securing special rights for those who identify themselves as gay. Those ideas must be opposed, even though to do so is to expose oneself to the charge of being "homophobic."
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