Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Levin calls out the racist and misogynist Democratic Party

Levin gives voters more than enough reasons to vote the Democratic BUMS OUT this November!
TRS: Mark Levin calls out the Democratic Party, pointing out that by their own standards they are racist, given how some of them don’t even want to be seen with the first black president right now, just before elections. He also calls them out for their misogyny as well... Listen:

(Also @ 33:00 into 10/29/14-Mark Levin Audio Rewind)

The racists are the baiters, just as they've always been. They're the same misogynists; they're the same anti-Semites; they're the same demographic segregationists as they've ever been through the years, all for political gain...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Are the Democrat politicians who don't want President Obama campaigning for them or visiting their state during this upcoming election period going to be considered racist? Why is it that when Obama's policies were thought to be good, they had no problem having him around, but now that we realize Obamacare is a disaster and amnesty will be horrible for the country, they don't want to be seen with him? The Democrat politicians would rather have Bill Clinton speak for them than Obama. Mark asks when people will stop allowing the Democrats to treat them as being stupid and using them for political motivations?
Speaking of the anti-Semitism, Levin returns to an interesting little analysis @ 57:20 into the Audio Rewind, alluding to the likely anonymous senior Obama official who called Israeli PM Netanyahu a "chickensh*t." Check it out, it's certain to make you smile, even through the outrage.

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