Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Savage and Limbaugh release new books

A couple of the political radio talk show heavyweights have just announced new books, so thought I'd pass these releases along.

In his new book released on Tuesday, Michael Savage warns Americans that they may only have one month left to save the country...
WND: In his new book – “Stop the Coming Civil War” – he charges Obama is deliberately dividing the country.

At the time Savage finished the manuscript, several months ago, many continued to mock the provocative notion that any president would purposefully damage the nation.

But recent events, including the flood of Central American illegal aliens and the entry of the Ebola virus to the U.S., have made “Stop the Coming Civil War,” Savage’s 30th book, seem prophetic. ...

Savage, the author of six New York Times bestsellers, said he had no financial or personal need to write another book. His aim, he said, is to warn the nation that the mid-term election one month from now is the only realistic opportunity to stop Obama.
Wake up call.

And today, Rush Limbaugh announced his third Rush Revere installment for the kids, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, utilizing a fun, fictitious group of travelers to help teach the real, unrevised history of America...and accompanied by a new website to boot!

'The American Revolution Has Begun — And Rush Revere, Liberty The Horse, And The Time-Traveling Crew — Are Ready To Ride Into The Action!'
My son is certain to be psyched about the second offering.

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