Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obama divulges stratagem for Democratic midterm reelections...will it matter?

Earlier this week, Obama told Al Sharpton that despite the optics of Democrats distancing themselves from him throughout contested states this midterm election cycle, in all actualities, they are still strong allies, and will continue to vote right along with him and support his agenda.

While this should be an effective tool against such reelection efforts, in the surreal Age of Obama, where a president can use ethnicity and status to get away with pretty much anything as long as there's a 'D' beside his name, this won't make much difference to Democratic-leaning voters. Well, why not? Because this is the typical modus operandi they're used to: encouraging stealth, disguise and deception to win by any means necessary.

Perhaps more frustrating is the fact that something like this would guarantee reverberations across the media spectrum if the shoe were on the other foot (i.e., a Republican president divulging such a stratagem before the lead up to his party's reelection efforts). That speaks volumes, not only towards a liberal media run amuck, but also towards the general lack of principle or accountability on the Left.

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