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First confirmed U.S. case of Ebola in Dallas (UPDATES)

Well, it's here...literally, in my back yard!

NBCDFW: A person who arrived in Dallas from Liberia a week ago tested positive for Ebola Tuesday, becoming the first person diagnosed in the U.S. with the potentially deadly virus, the City of Dallas confirmed.

The patient was hospitalized and placed in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Sunday after symptoms appeared four days earlier, on Sept. 24. Hospital officials listed him in serious condition Wednesday after previously being listed in critical condition.

Because the patient showed no symptoms of the virus when he arrived in the U.S. Sept. 20, there was no risk to fellow airline passengers, according to CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden.

"We’ve stopped every Ebola outbreak that’s ever occurred in Africa expect for this one," he said. And this one could have been stopped if we had gotten in there earlier.

The CDC will ensure that the patient will be treated in a way that minimizes the risk of spreading infection, Frieden said. He also said a team is in Dallas to identify anyone the patient might have infected and monitor them for 21 days.

"We will stop Ebola in its tracks in the U.S.," he said.
That's nice for him that he's so confident, but pardon my skepticism with anyone associated with this administration. I mean, this happened...

NBCDFW: A hospital official said the man who tested positive for Ebola appeared at a Dallas hospital complaining of illness but was released before returning later as his condition worsened.

Dr. Edward Goodman, epidemiologist at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, said the man first arrived at the hospital late Thursday or early Friday.

Goodman said during a news conference Tuesday that it wasn't until the man reappeared Sunday that they discovered that he had been in West Africa. The virus has killed more than 3,000 people across West Africa and infected a handful of Americans who have traveled there.
Levin was all over this in his monologue last night, which coincidentally ties into the point of the previous post...
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: We now have the first diagnosed case of Ebola here in America, and what are we going to do about it? The CDC head says that he is confident that the virus can be stopped, but how does he know? It is now more important than ever to try and secure our border - we don't know who's coming over or what diseases they may have. Mark explains that the Constitution doesn't allow the President to allow amnesty or regulate individuals from other countries such as illegal immigrants - that comes from the Congress. What's the point of having a country if it's not sovereign or we aren't going to secure our borders? Mark also talks about how illegal children are being shipped all across the country, many of them not screened and in our public school systems.
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UPDATE I: Contained?
5 DISD students possibly exposed to Ebola

Did US Ebola victim change flights at Heathrow? Patient flew from Liberia to Brussels but route to Dallas could have taken him through London
UPDATE II: What the hell?! What's becoming clearer is that it's very likely Mr. Duncan knowingly brought this plague to America! And why not? After all, we're the borderless, rapidly-sinking-into-second-world-status, welfare refuge of the world in the Age of Obama! Unreal...
NYTimes: Mr. Duncan may have become infected after his landlord’s daughter fell gravely ill. On Sept 15, Mr. Duncan helped his landlord and his landlord’s son carry the stricken woman to the hospital, his neighbors and the woman’s parents said. She died the next day.

Soon, the landlord’s son also became ill, and he died on Wednesday in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Two other residents in the neighborhood who may have had contact with the woman have also died. Their bodies were collected on Wednesday as well.

Health officials in Dallas said Wednesday that they believed Mr. Duncan came in contact with at least 12 to 18 people when he was experiencing symptoms. So far, none has been confirmed infected.

The five children, who possibly had contact with Mr. Duncan at a home over the weekend, attended four different schools, which authorities said would remain open. As a precaution, they said all the schools — including one high school, one middle school, and two elementary schools — would undergo a thorough cleaning.
None confirmed YET! Undergo a thorough cleaning? Are you freakin' kidding me?! This is like one of those bad sci-fi flicks where you're constantly yelling 'No, you idiots!' at the screen.

Couple that with this...
TRS: America’s first ebola patient not only likely knew he had ebola on his way to America, but was sent home from a Dallas hospital only to be seen throwing up two days later all over the place outside his apartment before being admitted again.
...and none of this sounds 'contained' to me.

UPDATE III: Overnight, the so-called containment has extended to a search for up to 100 people who may have had primary & secondary contact with patient zero...
CNN: Health officials are reaching out to as many as 100 people who may have had contact with the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S., a spokeswoman with the Texas Department of State Health Services said Thursday.

These are people who are still being questioned because they may have crossed paths with the patient either at the hospital, at his apartment complex or in the community.

"Out of an abundance of caution, we're starting with this very wide net, including people who have had even brief encounters with the patient or the patient's home," spokeswoman Carrie Williams said. "The number will drop as we focus in on those whose contact may represent a potential risk of infection."

The number of direct contacts who have been identified and are being monitored right now is "more than 12," a federal official told CNN on Thursday. Survivor describes living through Ebola Dallas residents respond to Ebola threat Ebola preps difficult for hospitals "By the end of the day, we should have a pretty good idea of how many contacts there are," the official said.
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Dozens Screened for Contact With Ebola Patient Thomas Eric Duncan Honolulu, Hawaii?!
Now a patient in Hawaii is in isolation with suspected Ebola... but has not yet been tested for the virus and doctors refuse to reveal if they traveled from Africa
...and possibly Utah...
Health officials investigating possible case of Ebola at Utah hospital
Wait a minute...didn’t Obama tell us it was "unlikely" Ebola would come to America? Wouldn't be the first time he was WRONG!

The infectious symptoms were absolutely apparent, Chris...

And in Liberia, Duncan is being charged for lying on a health why isn't he being charged here for knowingly bringing it?!
DailyNews: Liberia will charge the man who became the first U.S.-diagnosed case of Ebola because the patient lied on a health form when leaving the diseased-ravaged West African nation.

Thomas Duncan has been quarantined at a Dallas, Texas hospital since Sunday as local health officials desperately work to track down as many as 100 people, including children, in the city who may have had contact with the Liberian national, in the days after he helped to take a pregnant woman stricken with the lethal virus to a hospital in Monrovia, Liberia's capital, Sept. 15.

The 42-year-old Duncan said 'no' on a questionnaire asking if he'd been in contact with anyone infected with Ebola, the Associated Press reported.
UPDATE IV: Dramatic news signals either the end or the beginning of this dreadful disease in the US...

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