Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Possible second Ebola patient taken to Dallas hospital (UPDATES: NEGATIVE RESULTS!)

Oh no...this is even closer. And just hours after Thomas Eric Duncan succumbed to the infectious disease this morning...
WFAA: Crews transported a patient exhibiting "signs and symptoms of Ebola" from a Frisco CareNow to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

"Right now, there are more questions than answers about this case," said Wendell Watson, a spokesman with the hospital.

The patient was identified as Sgt. Michael Monnig, a deputy who accompanied county health officials Zachary Thompson and Christopher Perkins into the apartment where Thomas Eric Duncan stayed in Dallas.

The deputy was ordered to go inside the unit with officials to get a quarantine order signed. No one who went inside the unit that day wore protective gear.

According to Christopher Dyer, with the Dallas County Sheriff's Association, Monnig said he was feeling sick to his stomach before his visit to the clinic. Dyer expressed concern for Monnig and his family.

The CareNow is located in the 300 block of Main Street. Patients are currently being held inside the clinic as crews at the scene examine staff and others inside the building.
A 3:30pm update confirms that the deputy was NOT among those being monitored...
DallasNews: The Department of State Health Services says the Dallas County sheriff’s deputy who came to an urgent care clinic in Frisco exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms was not among the 48 people under close monitoring.

Frisco officials say the patient claimed to have come in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, but the state says there was no direct contact between the two men.

The spokesperson also said this case is being treated as 'low risk' and that those being held at CareNow have been released. Is anyone taking Ebola's incubation period into account here?! And remember, last week all the experts said the Ebola virus couldn't become airborne? Now the CDC is warning that it might be possible but unlikely...huh?
Metro: Medical experts are now warning that ebola may be easier to contract than first thought, and that a simple cough or sneeze could transmit the killer virus.
Whatever the case may be, officials here have said it will take up to 48 hours to get test results back to determine if Monnig tests positive for the Ebola virus.

Prayers for a negative result.

UPDATE: Latest is sounding positive for Mr. Monnig...
CBSDFW: Texas Health Presbyterian released an update to Dallas County Sheriff’s deputy Michael Monnig, who is being observed at the hospital for possible signs of Ebola.

Monnig’s condition is listed as good, with no fever, vomiting or diarrhea. His condition is not consistent with an early stage Ebola diagnosis, according to the statement provided by the hospital.

Test results from the state lab in Austin are expected later today.
UPDATE II: Thank GOD! Negative...
11Alive: The Texas Department of State Health Services says negative results were returned from a lab in Austin Thursday, indicating that a Dallas County deputy who had fallen ill does not have the Ebola virus.

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