Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LEVIN: Obama’s 'great affinity for Islam' is why he keeps attacking Israel

Couldn't have said it any better...
TRS: Mark Levin said tonight that Obama has a great affinity for Islam, much more than he has for Christianity or the Jewish faith, and that is why he keeps attacking Israel the way he does.

This one line from Levin sums it up quite well:

“His wrath is for the Jewish State. His silence is for the Christian faith. His defense is for Islam.”
Listen below:

Previously, Levin had Michael Ledeen on with some breaking news, that in 2008, before elected as president, Obama sent an emissary to Tehran to let them know that he would be elected as president and that he would be a friend to Iran to make things 'right'.
"The centerpiece of Obama's Middle East policy is an alliance, a working alliance, with the Iranians. And I think if you look back over the past six years with that in mind, you can see that. Even today, all the various decisions that are made about the war in Syria and Iraq and so forth are all things that the Iranians welcome. And he's not doing anything that makes Iran's life difficult; he's doing everything that makes Iran's life easier."

This is HUGE and further exemplifies Obama's affinity towards Islam, silence on Christian persecution in the region and abhorrent attitude towards the tiny Jewish nation of Israel...but don't expect mainstream media to highlight any of this.

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