Thursday, October 30, 2014

Netanyahu defends Israel despite 'anonymous' comments

"Don't you wish we had a president, like they have a prime minister in Israel?" ~ Mark Levin
So, we've seen Canadian PM Harper call terrorism by its name, something Obama falls short of often. We've also seen the Australians take decisive action to protect their nation from the Ebola outbreak, yet another shortfall of the Obama administration. And now, following an Obama-sycophant-media hit piece, in the face of constant anti-Semitic scrutiny, antagonized by the current American regime sadly, we once again witness Israeli PM Netanyahu stand up to defend the tiny Jewish nation...
"It must be understood that our supreme interests, chiefly, the security and the unity of Jerusalem, are not the main concern of those anonymous officials who attack us and me personally, because the assault on me comes only because I defend the State of Israel. Were I not to defend the State of Israel, were I not to insist vigorously on our national and security interests, they would not be attacking me. And despite all of the attacks I suffer, I will continue to defend our country."

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Here's some assistance on this one from the Great One...
LEVIN: "Don't you wish we had a president, like they have a prime minister in Israel?

Obama would be saying, 'Don't ever attack me personally. You can attack the country. Look, I go over seas, I give speeches, I trash my own country, it sucks! I want to fundamentally transform it. Why do you think the border's open? We're importing everybody we can! We want to change the culture, the demographics, the people. We want to change the whole damn country! It sucks from inside out! But don't attack me, I'm Barack Obama."

And Netanyahu says, 'They attack me because I defend my country.'

And who is he defending his country from here? From Obama! It's absolutely unbelievable.

Yes, we live in Obamaland, where up is down, and down is up, and left is right, and right is left. ...

They don't even call the guy who runs ISIS a chickensh*t. They dare not call Putin a chickenshi*t. The Commie who runs China, they don't call him a chickensh*t. They don't call the Castro brothers chickensh*ts. They don't call the fool who runs Venezuela a chickensh*t. They don't call mass murderers chickensh*ts! They don't call terrorists chickensh*ts! But the Jew who runs the Jewish State, he's a chickensh*t!?!
After alluding to the likely anonymous culprit, John Kerry, Levin reveals what's really going on here...
"They want to force him out. That's this administration trying to create a more aggressive political opposition in Israel against Netanyahu, putting out the word that they can't deal with him, that there's bad relations with the United States and him. They've gotta get rid of him. And in the meantime, this administration is doing what by doing this? Not just disrespecting the head of another country. They're encouraging the Islamo-Nazis all over the world to take up arms. What do you think Hamas thinks when they hear this crap? Or Hezbollah? Or all the other inbreds over there? What do you think they think when they hear this sort of thing? They think it's open season."
Yet another reason to vote the Democratic BUMS OUT!

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