Thursday, October 22, 2015

Whittle speaks the truth about how Hillary and Barack get away with their lawlessness...and where this leads

Hillary Clinton breaks the law, gets people who work for her killed, lies to the American people...and she's still a media darling? How is that possible???
WAKE UP, America! Excellent monologue from Bill Whittle on how not only Hillary skates through what should be damnable hearings and felony charges, but how Obama gets away with similar lawlessness and then some. It's not supposed to be this way!
"Let's just come out and state what we all know to be true. Hillary Clinton will either walk scot-free for treasonous graft and criminal incompetence, or she will be indicted and lose the nomination solely on the personal whim of Barack Hussein Obama and the merits of the deal that the Clintons can cut with his majesty in order to save her skin. Everybody knows this is true. Everybody knows that justice in the absence of a press corp is now at the whim of this president, and the only reason that she's being prosecuted in the first place is because it pleases Barack Obama to do so.

You know, there's a credible story that she went to him in a rage and told him, "Call off your f***ing dogs, Barack!" I can remember a time when they weren't his f***ing dogs at all. I can remember when the f***ing dogs could not be called off because the FBI and the Justice Department were beholden to enforcing the law of the land and not the whims of the emperor."
"So, how does Barack Obama get away with the same kind of autocratic lawlessness that we fought a revolution against? Because he's black, that's why. Any other questions I can help you with? He is the ascended wet dream image of every progressive reporter and editor and publisher or any of these other idol-worshipping adolescent girls that make up what was once the proud profession of newspaper men, and he's walking kryptonite to spineless, gutless Republican cowards who would violate their oath of office, and abandon their souls too apparently, before being willing to be called a racist for daring to oppose this lawless, naked power grab."
Bill wraps this up with the kicker:
"You know, we fought a Revolution, not because of taxation, but because of taxation without representation. It was the shear imperial lawlessness of it that forced our ancestors to take up arms against their own illegitimate government. And I'm beginning to wonder if we might not have just one more left within us, and I'm not alone."
Unfortunately, if directions aren't changed, shifted or reversed in some significant manner, unbridled and raw history's proven how empires rise and fall. Hint: It doesn't end in utopia.

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ADDENDUM: There were lots of smoking guns today, but Jim Jordan had to have topped the cake with this one in particular, yet the media yawned. And much like Mrs. Clinton, they continue to brush aside the truth for any number of distractions, and as a result, lawlessness prevails...

TRS: This is amazing. Hillary Clinton told her family via email, the president of Libya, and the Prime Minister of Egypt that she KNEW the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack and not a protest over a video. But she told the American people it was a protest over a video.

If this miscreant is allowed to become the Democratic nominee, and God Forbid our next president, then our democracy will have truly failed its people.

Hillary Lied: She Knew All Along Benghazi Was A Planned Terror Attack
Sister of Benghazi victim REVEALS Hillary blamed POOR, UNEDUCATED Libyan people for attack

ADDENDUM II: Limbaugh further explains the predictable 'I told you so' on Friday morning...

"When telling the TRUTH is the effort and what takes work, yesterday was a piece of cake!"
"Have you heard, by the way, ladies and gentlemen? A story from UK Guardian: Nearly 70 hostages facing imminent mass execution have been rescued from an Islamic State jail in a raid by Kurdish troops and US Special Forces in northern Iraq. The operation took place yesterday. It led to the first American combat death in Iraq since 2011.” Oh, you didn’t know about this? Oh, you didn’t? You probably thought we don’t have the ability to do this anymore ’cause we didn’t do it in Benghazi.

We had four people pinned down there. We had four people, one of whom thought that help was on the way. We had four people pinned down in a terrorist attack, that we knew about in advance, that Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama continue in the media to lie about. Yesterday it was said that nothing could have been done. The help, the military was too far away, that Mrs. Clinton couldn’t find a way to communicate with the ambassador. She could talk to Huma any time she wanted. She could talk to Sidney Blumenthal. They could reach her via e-mail. Chris Stevens, the ambassador, couldn’t."
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