Friday, October 23, 2015

Texas leading in fight to defund Planned Parenthood as unreleased CMP videos leak

Since the corrupt federal government won't act, Texas is leading the nation in clamping down on Planned Parenthood's abominable practices of dealing in aborted baby parts by meticulously DEFUNDING their inhumane efforts...
LifeNews: After a Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion clinic was caught selling aborted baby body parts, state investigators conducted a raid on multiple Planned Parenthood abortion clinics across the state.

Texas officials raided several Planned Parenthood facilities [yesterday] in an unprecedented move that follows on the heels of pro-life Governor Greg Abbott announcing earlier in the week that the state would further de-fund the abortion business. Abbott said this week “the gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed”...

The raids were carried out at Planned Parenthood abortion centers in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio by representatives from the Texas Office of the Inspector General and the state served subpoenas on five total Planned Parenthood centers.
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And Sen. Ted Cruz is encouraging the nation to follow Texas’ lead to defund this abortion industry titan that disguises itself as 'women's health care'...
LifeSiteNews: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, believes that the nation should follow Texas' lead in defunding Planned Parenthood -- and he promises, if he is elected president, it will.

Cruz praised a report yesterday that the state's Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) would bar the local Planned Parenthood affiliate from receiving millions of dollars from the state Medicaid program.

"The state has determined that you and your Planned Parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent safe, legal and ethical manner," the letter to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast said, specifically citing undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. The fifth CMP video shows a Houston Planned Parenthood official discussing the harvesting of fetal organs and tissue in exchange for money.

"Today, my home state of Texas proved that states can make a real difference in the fight to block taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood," Cruz, who has served as the state's U.S. senator since 2012, said on Monday. "I encourage every state to follow Texas’ lead in stopping taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood, and I will continue to lead the fight in the United States Senate to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level."

His words echoed those of state and national pro-life leaders, who saluted Texas' commitment to ending any taxpayer subsidy of the abortion industry while simultaneously expanding public financing of women's health care.
Meanwhile, remember the rest of those damning CMP videos that were restrained by a lawless court order? Yeah, they've been hacked and leaked and now the National Abortion Federation is freakin' tha @#$% out!
GotNews: has obtained all of the Planned Parenthood tapes but the lawyers representing the National Abortion Federation wants to censor them and us.

Yesterday we were hit with an unconstitutional demand letter from Morrison & Foerster, the firm representing the National Abortion Federation in its suit against David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

A person in plain clothes with a gun on his hip also arrived at Charles C. Johnson’s home. Johnson didn’t know who this person was & called the police. The man turns out to have claimed to be a process server and threw the documents down on the ground outside Johnson’s home.

We will continue writing about them as our attorneys inform us that is not subject to any temporary restraining order concerning David Daleiden. The law firm wants to turn over all texts, emails with Daleiden. This is easy. There aren’t any.

We are moving from the Planned Parenthood tapes being about the sale of organs to the unconstitutional restrictions on First Amendment.

Meanwhile the hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer has torrented the rest of the tapes for your viewing displeasure.

Weev writes:
Charles C. Johnson acquired all the Planned Parenthood videos, in defiance of a federal court order to censor them. I’ve put them on YouTube and torrent (please help seed on latter). For those of you that have the stomach for watching hours of very kosher women gleefully discussing baby meat, here’s the YouTube:

and the torrent on TPB: will contest any unconstitutional prior restraint of speech all the way to the highest courts in the land.
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The whistle can't be blown loud enough or often enough on a more disgusting group of domestic murderous practitioners that leftist lawlessness incessantly defends. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY that we still have an idiom of decency throughout this country that refuses to sit on the sidelines, that will not stand for this rampant inhumanity, and that will fight for the innocence of LIFE.

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