Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LEVIN: Liberty vs. the GOP Establishment

Folks, I had part of this as an addendum to the previous post, but it's simply TOO IMPORTANT of a message not to reside in its own post.

This is a MUST LISTEN:

TRS: Mark Levin opened his show tonight explaining how the establishment types always come out and trash candidates like Ted Cruz who believe in fighting to win and always support candidates who don’t really believe in liberty. He explains our situation, as only he can, and exposes how they are the true radicals in the party.
On Tusday’s Mark Levin Show, Conservatives are under full attack by the Republican party and now the Bush family. George W Bush is smearing Sen Ted Cruz in ways we’ve never heard him smear the left. He’ll kiss up to Clintons but not Cruz. Why? Because they are not conserrvatives; they believe in big government and want the party to make deals with the left. We need to say enough with the deals. Bipartisanship in the name of insanity is unacceptable. What do we conservatives want from the Republican Party? We want honesty, integriity and a party that stands for the constitution.
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