Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hannan: 'C’mon America, you can do better than Trump or Sanders'

Share the sentiment, Mr. Hannan. Once again, one of the few remaining British statesmen provides a refreshing voice of reason...just think about it and consider, folks.
TRS: Daniel Hannan isn’t just talking about Donald Trump when he says America can do better and that the world expects better, he’s also talking about Bernie Sanders. He says that either a Trump or Sanders presidency slightly terrifies him. But with regard to Trump, he really doesn’t like his demeanor as a crass attention seeker. He trusts that our primary system here will eventually weed out the likes of Sanders and Trump and produce a much better candidate for president.

Now, on a positive note towards Trump, I do think the guy loves America, unlike Sanders or, well, pretty much the entirety of the modern Democratic Party, along with an unfortunate quantity of quisling Republicans (the latter of which we're hopefully starting to see weeded out!). But like so many things in life, it takes more than love to turn things around. It also takes principle.

And what many of us still believe is possible to find in a candidate is articulate, principled conservatism. Whether that be in exposing the unwillingness of the Sierra Club to accept scientific data, or disarming the liberal ladies of the View, or just coming up with a more reasonable tax plan for the nation. What it's not is pronouncing eminant domain as 'Wonderful!' Choose wisely, America.

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