Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BenghaziGate reboot: Obama air-drops TONS of weapons to Syrian 'rebels'

Oh, look, BenghaziGate is not just back in business, but out in the open!

The week after the Obama administration abandons its 'moderate rebel' training program in Syria, Dear Leader turns around and air-drops 50 TONS of small arms to so-called rebels in Syria...have at it guys!

Folks, Barack Obama is our top national security risk.

Obviously, Obama's still devoted to his Arab Spring mentality of MidEast dictator removal (because that's worked so well so far). Never mind Assad being a more stable entity than the chaos a radical caliphate brings, never mind that we really don't know who these 'rebels' are and that these weapons are landing into the hands of terrorists, never mind that the US was gun-running thru Benghazi to Syria, and never mind the Russians operating in the region now. On behalf of the U.S., the Obama administration has literally tossed TONS of firearms and ammunition into that powder keg and hoping for the best! Remember, this is the same guy who wants to quash our Second Amendment rights here at home. What a role reversal when his foreign policies, and ultimately his legacy, is on the line.

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Obama's Libyan war feeds guns into Al Qaeda's Syrian war

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