Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cruz SHINES BRIGHT in third 'Dem-Press-led' GOP debate

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!
The pivotal moment last night...

I particularly appreciated when he said, "And nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators has any intention of voting in a Republican primary." DAMN! An audible gasp was even heard from the audience, because everyone knows it to be true, but no one up to that point has said it to their faces before the entire nation! Bravo, sir. It's a time for truth.
AmericanThinker: There was a disturbance in the force last night at CNBC's Republican debate, and it left no doubt of who won and who lost. The loser was CNBC, and the winners were all ten Republican candidates – in varying degrees, of course. (More on that later). And there is no doubt when this shift in the axis happened.

Everything changed when Ted Cruz dressed down Carl Quintenilla and John Harwood – two of CNBC's far-left commentators – and literally mocked their absurd line of questioning.

Cruz did not just criticize the questions; he made sport of them. He demonstrated just how infantile most of the CNBC crew was (Tea Party originator Rick Santelli not included). Cruz flat-out embarrassed them, and they knew it.

After the crowd stopped roaring in approval of Cruz's protest, which took a while, the rest of the Republicans followed the Texas senator's lead, and there was almost no Republican-on-Republican crime after this exchange. In fact, we then saw numerous examples where Republicans made it clear that any of the ten on the stage would be far preferable to what we have now, and to Hillary Clinton. These comments were met with loud approval from the audience every time. Meanwhile, Quintenilla was literally booed loudly three times.

Couldn't have happened to a better branch of the Brian Williams Democratic Press. THANK YOU, Sen. Cruz!

Though they still tried to stifle him and others on the stage last night, as Erickson stated this morning, "Cruz used every word wisely and his attacks on the media and defense of single mothers resonated outside conservative demographics. He really is just that good." Yes he is, even managing to shoehorn his tax plan in there that would eliminate the IRS! That, atop MUCH MORE articulative substance, is why not only Texas loves him, but why America needs to embrace this passionate statesman.


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ADDENDUM: Beck proves that Cruz is the guy you want at the negotiating table, America!

And Limbaugh further explains how Ted Cruz scares the hell out of the Republican Establishment...

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ADDENDUM II: Limbaugh lays into media critics (Fox-FREAKIN-News!) and defends Cruz, saying, 'It is a badge of honor to be DIVISIVE!' And Cruz continues to embarrass the media with a consistency they could never execute...
RUSH: "The Republican Party, by definition, should be divisive. The Republican Party, by definition, should be standing up against the Democrat Party and what Obama is doing. By definition, as an opposition party the Republican Party ought to be divisive, but you see what a dirty word it is."

Full Cruz interview:

Fearless conservative. #CRUZ2016!

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