Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Out with the RINOs, In with the CRUZ!

How many times must the Karl Rove/FoxNews establishment elite defend the RINO leadership in Congress? Currently, in perpetuity...

Yesterday, Brit Hume suggested that the Boehner/McConnell leadership hadn't surrendered to Obama, but rather just perpetually find themselves in a stalemate with this imperial president...

Levin's respondse to Hume: "You have it REALLY wrong."

TRS: Levin is exactly right that Republicans have surrendered in many ways, perhaps the biggest being that the Senate Republicans gave up their power to block Obama’s horrible Iran deal. He lists several others, but this is probably the worst and one of the best examples of how Republicans constantly concede their own power to Obama.

Surrender is all that Republican leadership knows on the things that really matter. And that’s why they’ve been labeled the ‘surrender caucus’. They are so good at it.
This seems to go hand-in-hand with what's up the Bush boys' butts...

It's a hard task for even the Bushies to deny that the GOP leadership is more effective at passing DEMOCRAT policies than Harry Reid!

TRS: Some like to criticize Ted Cruz for being too extremist on fighting against the GOP establishment and leadership, but in this short exchange with Chuck Todd, he explains passionately and convincingly why so many are fed up with those in charge of the party.

It is really hard to argue against that, and this is why so many are just not interested in more politicians. Even when we hand them control over the House and the Senate we’re told that they can’t do anything to stop Democrats from seizing more and more power.
What this boils down to is that the real debate isn't conservative vs. moderate, it's party vs. principle.
RedState: As the GOP continues to try to sell Rep. Paul Ryan as an acceptable candidate for Speaker, the battle for the soul of the party continues.

Many have framed it as a conservative vs. moderate ideological struggle. There is certainly a component of that. The problem with merely framing the struggle in ideological terms is that people like Paul Ryan can be viewed as an acceptable alternative because of his reputation as a “conservative” member of the house.

Ryan stands for party, Cruz stands for principle. There is a difference.

The question that the GOP desperately needs to settle in the next political cycle is whether or not the party will elevate and follow party men and women or visionaries and fighters. The GOP used to have a flame of liberty within to light the path forward. This flame championed and protected by visionary leaders like Ronald Reagan, has long since grown cold and the eyes of the GOP power brokers have been hypnotized by the allure of gold and power instead of liberty’s spark.

It is in the chasm between the compliant “yes” men and women of the GOP establishment and the vigorous advocacy of conservative political reforms championed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and grassroots conservatives that this battle lies.
And when the electorate catches up in the next few weeks, as the mainstream press is already fretting, the moment will come...


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ADDENDUM: Via Tuesday's Mark Levin Show...
Conservatives are under full attack by the Republican party and now the Bush family. George W Bush is smearing Sen Ted Cruz in ways we’ve never heard him smear the left. He’ll kiss up to Clintons but not Cruz. Why? Because they are not conserrvatives; they believe in big government and want the party to make deals with the left. We need to say enough with the deals. Bipartisanship in the name of insanity is unacceptable. What do we conservatives want from the Republican Party? We want honesty, integriity and a party that stands for the constitution.
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