Friday, October 9, 2015

RUSH: If GOP is imploding over McCarthy, why aren't the Drive-Bys happy about it?

Rush set forth a great premise this morning, "If the Republicans are imploding over Kevin McCarthy, why aren't the Drive-Bys happy about it?" PRECISELY!
Can you believe the future Speaker of the House having an affair? Bob Livingston, Newt Gingrich, this guy, McCarthy. You know, it's about time this becomes a resume enhancement for us instead of something that wipes us out. Something like this happens on the left, it's a big time resume enhancement. It proves that they're hip. It proves that they're pro-women. (laughing) It proves that they're virile. It proves that they're attractive to women and so forth. But on our side it does nothing but destroy us. I know -- I know -- I understand why. But this whole story, this is easy for me to say, and you are free to think that I am doing a snow job here, but I'm not. You're free to think what you want, and you may get mad at me telling you this. Snerdley sent me a note last night as though this is the first he was hearing about this.

Are you kidding me, you had not heard about this affair until yesterday? This is years-old stuff. I mean, this is the kind of stuff rumors -- I just totally stay away from it because it's all gonna come out in the wash anyway at some point. The interesting thing about this is the Drive-By Media is acting like all of Washington's been turned upside down. You know, the lesson to learn here is that Kevin McCarthy and Renee Ellmers, uh, did I say something that's not known yet? (interruption) I did? (interruption) Oh, they're denying this? (interruption) Oh, really, denials? (interruption) Oh. Okay, well, then I guess what I've known about for many, many months is not true. Forget it. I'm sorry. (interruption) They're denying it?

Well, anyway, what I was gonna say, folks, the Drive-By Media acting like this is totally shaking up -- why isn't the media acting happy? Why isn't the media ecstatic that the Republicans are imploding this way, instead of why are they worried the Republicans are imploding? Have you figured that out? Has that hit you in that regard yet? What it should tell you is that McCarthy obviously is a Washington insider and his fall from grace as future Speaker obviously is bad news to the insiders or the establishment in Washington, both parties, and the reason for that is it is perceived that Ted Cruz and the House Conservative Caucus are behind this, these Tea Party yokels, and it is viewed as these upstart conservatives taking control of the House, and they're outsiders.

So you see that the insider elites are bound together not by ideology, but by class. If they were bound together by ideology there wouldn't be a Republican in the establishment in Washington, there wouldn't be a Republican lead allowed in. But the establishment in Washington is made up of people of both parties. The people not in it are conservatives, but Republicans, moderate level Republicans, liberal Republicans, communist Republicans, and all Democrats are in the establishment. Conservative Republicans aren't. Conservative Republicans, it is said, have claimed a scalp here, and they might also get Renee Ellmers.

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Ladies and gentlmen, what the mainstream media won't tell you is that Republicans have another golden opportunity to realign with their voters!
What it boils down to is it's these forces versus the voters. ... They're afraid of us. Nobody wants it for the very reason Boehner's leaving the job. What is the reason Boehner's leaving the job? We have to assume here the reason Boehner's leaving the job is he doesn't like being criticized. These guys forget they committed things to us when they ran for office.

They told us they were conservative. They told us they were gonna stop Obama. They made a great point of this. They told us to rest easy. Mitch McConnell did it, every one of them said it. They know that that's what they were elected to do. They campaigned on some variation of the premise that they were serious, they were gonna stop Obama, but they don't, and they haven't, and they haven't really seriously tried. And apparently they're not going to. There isn't anybody who wants to take the job with the realization that he's gonna be at odds with the voters for the rest of the term.

So how committed are these establishment types? You know, I think what it points out or what it illustrates is that the inside the Washington Beltway establishment really doesn't care about voters and public opinion and all that and doesn't even want to have to deal with it. And whoever's in this position is gonna get the brunt of the criticism. In the old days, and it wasn't that long ago, folks, when a political party was the loser of a presidential election, or other elections, that party would honestly assess where it had gone wrong with the voters and would attempt to make it right with the voters.

By that I mean the party would attempt, even if it was just for show, they would attempt to change or modify their beliefs in order to be relevant to the voters because it was the voters who determined who won. And what's changed is, as far as these guys are concerned, it's the donors who determine who wins, and, therefore, it's the donors to whom they have to be loyal, not voters. They don't even want to go through the motions. So now there's not even any pretense of mollifying the voters.
And that's pretty damn apparent with Boehner staying until HE can make HIS new favored pick, which seems to be a lean towards another bad choice in Paul Ryan (along with the Beltway elite of WSJ and National Review).
Breitbart: Staying through mid-December would allow Boehner to preside over upcoming votes on the debt ceiling, the omnibus spending bill, the solution to fix sequestration, the tax extenders bill, and a divisive highway bill. It will also give Boehner time to help pick out a new front-runner to pick up his gavel and to remain influential in the selection of his successor.
It's time for conservatives to come together and unite behind a singular draft and give the Drive-Bys something to really talk about while putting our nation back on track starting in the House.

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